What does the last name Rodavon mean

The shock absorber is attached to the connecting piece of the swing arm and to a special bracket that is screwed between the frame ends. The original tank must be replaced by a special tank, which also has a volume that is approx. 1.7 l larger.

The drive force is transmitted to the OEM shock absorber via the Rick’s design pulley. The shock absorber mount is attached to the drive hub, which transmits the necessary torque to the wheel axle via a serration. In the left swing arm, the hardened wheel axle is mounted in an eccentric, which is also used to tension the belt.

The necessary offset of the belt is compensated for by Rick's pulley offset kit, 42mm for 10.5 "/ 280 and 55 mm for 11.5" / 300.

For further stability, the Rick’s support bearing plate must also be installed. By using a special Poly Chain Gates belt, the kit fits all Rick’s gear ratios available at Rick’s: 28 teeth, 29 teeth or 30 teeth.

The right strut and the left strut with the wheel mount are connected with a central strut to which the central spring strut is attached.

The V-Rod single-sided swing arm is designed in such a way that it works with the Rick’s Drive Side braking system that is included in the scope of delivery. For this purpose, the brake caliper is attached to the brake caliper arm. The brake caliper arm is carried along by the eccentric and is mounted on the left swing arm via an elongated hole.

The assembly is very easy, as no changes to the frame or welding work are necessary, which means that the complete conversion can be carried out in less than a day.