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Interview with the well-known doctor Dr. Hans Peter Hutter from MedUni Vienna (also as a podcast and video)
Interview on the subject of Corona - questions to the renowned specialist

In an interview with the well-known specialist Prof. DI Dr. Hans Peter Hutter from MedUni Vienna Regionaut Philipp Steinriegler was able to find out about the latest on the omnipresent topic of the corona pandemic.

Steinriegler interviewed the deputy head of the Department for Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at MedUni Vienna in Vienna's 9th district and obtained the latest information.

Philipp Steinriegler's most important questions were:

What updates are there on the topic?

Which measures are still important to avoid infections as much as possible?

Meaningfulness of the "traffic light system"

Dr. Hutter was available to answer questions and also mentioned a few key points regarding the pandemic.

A bit of humor was a must, so Steinriegler was really enthusiastic about Hutter's Hawaii shirt.
Claudia Stöckl already dubbed H-P Hutter in "Breakfast with me" from Ö3 as the "man with the Hawaiian shirts" - to explain: Hutter: is a passionate surfer.

But back to the pandemic.

Hutter: "The pandemic is still omnipresent, the numbers of infections are unfortunately rising again, which was to a certain extent predictable after the easing was made, especially the travel and vacation time made a corresponding contribution."

"You should also just be careful, not be afraid and face the whole thing with as good a cool head as possible" and on. "Sounds very simple, but it really is," says the renowned doctor.

Younger people are infected more often - but less severe symptoms

"So it is not only older people who are affected, but also infections in the majority of young people.

This group develops severe symptoms less often, but they are carriers and can clearly infect family members, for example.

You have to be careful here.

Wavy course

"We are currently in an up and down - albeit at a higher level than in July. It is more of a wave-like course than a defined wave," said the specialist.

It is important to remember more and more: "Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask," says the environmental doctor.

"Keeping your distance is very important and should not be underestimated."

"The tracking, contact tracing and testing are now also faster than a few months ago, also as a result of the experiences of the last months of intense crisis - there are many innovations here," says the expert.

Traffic light system

The traffic light system definitely makes sense

In conclusion, the doctor explains: "Basically, it is a matter of making fine adjustments when cases, sources of infection, etc. occur and become known in certain places. This should continue to ensure an" open social "life and economy.

Then the intensity of the incidents is indicated with 4 colors and appropriate measures are taken. This provides a better and clearer overview and the authorities can react regionally accordingly ".

Interview also on YouTube and as a podcast
The entire interview is on here tooYouTubeto see and here as PODCAST to listen.
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