Christianity regards self-hatred as a sin

Grace and Makeup - What Does the Bible Say?

And so everything is upside down.

Considering the from יהוה Even based on principles, it is downright hair-raising to believe that there is a little natural day-to-day life.Make up, under the pretext of only wanting to underline the God-given beauty is perfectly fine, as is the case with the carnal Judaizer Pastor Norbert Link in one of his innumerable false teachings (Sabbath commandment, Tithe payment etc.) proclaimed. So if you don't look like a clown or a whore, that's overיהוה it's okay. Is that so?

If man can only serve one master and there is no common ground between darkness and light, then there is only an either or, but not something in between. יהוה is clear, radical and absolutely intolerant of this. Anything not of יהוה is, is inevitably from the adversary. That's how it is written. So man can choose either יהוה and to serve the truth or Satan and the lie. Both are completely incompatible. If יהוה so clearly states that he hates the lie because it is from the devil, will he then find that lying a little bit / breaking the law / putting on make-up is okay? From seducers like Pastor Norbert Link therefore it is not the Holy Spirit who speaks in the truth יהוה 's leads, but his proud self with his carnal desires, which likes to know better and to the laws, to which he constantly seduces his donkeys to obey, also sets up his own ungodly anti-laws.

Your jewelry should not be the outward one, braiding hair and putting on gold jewelry or lavish clothing, but the hidden person of the heart in the imperishable jewelry of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious before God. For this is how the holy women once adorned themselves, who put their hope in God and submitted to their husbands
(1. Peter’s letter, chapters 3: 3-5)


If it יהוה to the internal people goes, how much sense can it make to put on external jewelry and make up for it?

Man looks at the outside, but the יהוה looks at the heart
(1 Samuel 16: 7)


The truth is that no woman who stands in front of the mirror and puts on makeup ever does this for herself יהוהdid. Not a single. But each does it to please other people. That's what she thinks about when she puts on makeup. And she gets that recognition. For how well she can deceive, blind and reject others. As you sow, so you reap. Fortunately, everyone has a choice: fear of God or fear of man.

Ezekiel 28: 14-17 says it is the Proud/the vanity who dropped the Archangel Lucifer. And still seduces today vanity people to focus on instead of יהוה focus on your own ego. Satan knows the carnal nature and tries to get the believer through Cunning and illusion to grab exactly these inclinations: by giving them very successfully greed as frugality, Licentiousness as freedom, Exuberance as cheerfulness and vanity sold as beauty. And people fall for it gratefully. Supposedly because of the terms Make up, Status symbol, party people, jeans with holes, etc. not found in the Bible. Or is it more because they just don't really want to know? If יהוהwill accept this excuse? Did not Christos teach us: "For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, sister and mother" (Matthew 12:50)?

The most tragic thing is that there are hardly any pastors who teach this and derive it comprehensibly from the Bible, but instead simply ignore such behavior. "It's not that bad. That's how you do it today - we no longer live in the Middle Ages." Not that you need pastors at all, after all, Jesus is our shepherd and high priest. But if there are so many who pretend to be shepherds and scribblers, why don't they teach how deeply it is Law of spirit actually works and how this can be used in everyday life? You don't want to scare off the paying donkeys. And if the donkeys don't pay, then at least one doesn't want to reduce the number of members, after all, the growth of the church is closely linked to the worldly success of the carnal pastor and his ego. What a shame!

It is really satanic on the only German site that has anything on the topic at all Make up writes to: NO TRICKS ONLY JESUS: There it says, Make up be perfectly fine. Writer shoots the bird Kurt Nane Juergensen but with his reasoning: He is of the opinion BECAUSE it יהוה is about inner values ​​(what is right), conversely, he is not concerned with externals and adds that Paul is emphasizing what is יהוה also Samuel said. This statement is so perverted that you can easily see whose spirit child this sanctimonious Jesus trickster is.

It is correct that יהוה is not impressed by the appearance. This is how it turns into a shoe. And if it - how Kurt Nane Juergensen correctly says - it is about the inside of a person, what exactly is in the heart of a person who puts on make-up? Exactly: all the values ​​that יהוה hates.

You can already say יהוה do not attach importance to externals, if one knows, What is meant by that.

With outward appearances on the יהוה does not value, exactly those are meant that the Exaltation of self serve. Forיהוה it is not important that people wear "elaborate clothes", "put on gold jewelery", drive a fat car or themselves makes upbecause wrong / external values ​​do not count for him and he can see past them directly into the heart of the person. He absolutely detests these outward appearances. And not how Kurt Nane Juergensen twisted it: you could yourself makeupto be lucky in Status symbols looking, none of this is a problem because יהוהdo not pay attention to these externals. According to this logic, one could also wear the neckline up to the navel and walk through the streets wearing only suspenders. It concerns with the executions of the Kurt Nane Juergensen a deeply malevolent perversion of the truth יהוה 's. He lives with him too Spirit of truth not in. Instead he speaks from what is his own; because he is a liar. If these words seem too harsh to you, you can complain to Johannes - they are his.

Of course, means not wearing Make up by no means that a woman is pure of spirit on this point. She can also be completely mentally depraved, just not in the mood for make-up or just too lazy for this daily exertion. But it is certain that a woman who puts on make-up and dyes her hair יהוה 'sStandard is spiritually unclean on this point.

The truth יהוה 's is inconvenient. Many will not like to hear that. And of course everyone is entitled to live their own will and their own justice, assert their right to their own opinion and simply see things differently. It is remembered, however, that opinion is irrelevant before the law.