If World War III takes place, where does it come from

Do you think there will be a 3rd world war?

I've been thinking about it in the last few weeks because of the critical situation in Syria. So I mean that there will be another world war at some point, but will we still see it?!?
I hope not!
But if it were then, it would not take long - and there would be another opportunity to dare to start over. Like after the dinosaurs!
It is unlikely. So far 100% of all world wars have been started by Germany. However, this country has almost no functioning military equipment. You have to wait and see. They probably intend to build an airport and a train station first.
If we with
Submarines that don't dive
Helicopters that don't fly
Frigates that don't swim
Transport planes that fly and
Tanks that don't drive
would start the third world war, it would at least be short.
"Up until now, 100% of all world wars have been started by Germany."

And what is the assumption that this will not change? The power weights in the world have changed in the meantime (just for information).

Sit down, six!

To Josephine: The outbreak of wars follows no logic, so it is completely irrelevant what we believe or think we know.
Dorfdepp go to a protective cellar in case the penny drops and you have to laugh
Law of the series.
Even the Seven Years' War, referred to by many as actually the First World War, was started in Germany.

What do the power weights have to do with starting a world war? Germany was not even in a position to start a war.