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Fix: Discord TTS ‘Text-to-Speech’ does not work

Text-to-Speech (TTS) in Discord may stop working due to outdated Windows, and it can also occur when using a speaker configuration other than stereo. TTS may also not work if TTS notifications are set to Never.

Discord (a VoIP app) is used for chatting and is available in desktop and mobile versions. Discord TTS is used to play messages in a chat on the desktop version as TTS does not work on the mobile version of Discord. The Discord TTS voice can be changed to different sounds and accents within the application. But sometimes this TTS function stops working and the user cannot hear TTS bot sounds in a chat.

This is a very common problem in Discord applications and can be resolved using simple workarounds. Before trying any solutions, make sure you use that updated version the Discord app.

Disable and enable Text for Speech in Discord

Discord TTS not working could be the result of simple communication or a software problem. To rule this out, it's a good idea to turn TTS off and then turn it back on. This will reset all temporary settings and configurations stored in the application.

  1. Start Your Discord app.
  2. click on tooth The icon is to the right of the user field (just below the channel window) to open the User preferences.
  3. Now choose Text & images.
  4. Now scroll down in the right pane to Text to speech
  5. Now toggle the switch Enable playback and use of the / tts command out.
  6. save up Make your changes and quit Discord.
  7. Now Restart Discord and repeat steps through above Activate TTS in discord.
  8. After turning TTS on, check if TTS is working properly in Discord.

Change the option "Never" in TTS notifications

If you've selected Never for text-to-speech notifications, there will be no sound from the TTS bot in Discord. Changing this option can solve your problem on the other two options, e.g. For all channels or to For the currently selected channel can solve the problem. More details are given below:

  1. to open User preferences as opened in solution 1.
  2. Now click on "Notifications”.
  3. In the right pane, walk towards Text to speech Notifications. You will see three options: For all channels, for the currently selected channel, and never.
    • For all channels:: Messages from any channel on a server are played in TTS, regardless of whether the TTS command is used or not.
    • For the currently selected channel:: In TTS only messages in the current channel are played.
  4. Change the option from Never to For all channels or For the currently selected channel.
  5. save up Make your changes and quit Discord.
  6. Now restart Discord and see if TTS works fine.

Update your system's Windows to the latest build

Windows is updated frequently to fix bugs and improve performance. It is possible that the error you are facing has already been fixed in the latest version of Windows. Additionally, there are numerous cases where the version of Windows conflicts with the version of Discord installed on your computer. If so, updating Windows to the latest build can fix the problem.

  1. Shut down Discord and end the task via the task manager (Windows + R and ‘taskmgr’).
  2. Press Windows Key and type To update. Then select in the search results Check for updates.
  3. Then click the from button Check for updates.
  4. When updates are available To install the updates and then Restart your system.
  5. After restarting your system, launch Discord and see if TTS is working properly.

Change your system's speaker configuration to stereo

If you use a speaker configuration other than stereo, TTS will not work. This is a known bug in the Discord community. Technically there shouldn't be a difference, but it seems that this option sometimes conflicts with the Discord sound. If so, changing the configuration of your speaker to stereo may fix the problem.

  1. Shut down Discord.
  2. Press Windows Key and type Switchboard. Then select in the search results Switchboard.
  3. Then open it Hardware and sound.

  4. Now click on sound.
  5. Now choose yours speaker and click on Configure.
  6. Now under Audio channels, choose stereo and click on Next.
  7. Now consequences Follow the on-screen instructions to finish configuring stereo audio, then launch Discord to verify that TTS is working properly.

If Nothing has helped you so far Uninstall and reinstall Discord. For a temporary solution, you can use Discord in Google Chrome.