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Joker Shaqiri on his role at Liverpool under Klopp: "Fans call me a legend"

In the current season, Xherdan Shaqiri only had eleven minutes as a joker for Liverpool - he is still very satisfied with his move to the club of world coach Jürgen Klopp and already sees the fans on his side. He is a "leader" with the Reds.

The Swiss national player and ex-Bayern professional Xherdan Shaqiri has celebrated great successes with Liverpool after just one season. Champions League winner and Runner-up in an incredible season. "I prevailed," Shaqiri told the Swiss magazines: "I haven't regretted moving to Liverpool for a second." The 27-year-old only got eleven minutes of playing time in the current Premier League season - after two short appearances as a joker he now cures a calf injury. But the substitute sees the positive: "Many had already written me off in Stoke, but who can claim to have switched from being relegated to the Champions League winner?"

"I was in the starting line-up in the 4-0 second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona, ​​which will go down in club history. And because of my two goals in beating eternal rivals Manchester United, they still often call me a legend today", reports Shaqiri of his previous successes with the Reds. Last season the right-winger made 24 appearances in the league - he participated six goals and three assist fourth place in the team ranking. The Swiss is patient with his appearances: "We have a big top squad and many have to wait for their chance. That's why I've never had a problem with the coach. He knows that I am ready."

Xherdan Shaqiri: "Of course I'm dissatisfied that I don't play more often."

Jürgen Klopp is at least satisfied with his joker. "He shows excellent training performance and an attitude that will certainly bring him back to work", so the Liverpool coach recently appointed world coach. Shaqiri feels comfortable at Liverpool and thinks that he fits into the system well:" I know what I can do and that I am a good fit for English football. "He adds:" It is quite simply a step forward in my career to a club that everyone would love to play at. Ultimately, Liverpool is like any other employer for me. "

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The national player will not be completely happy with his current role at the club: "Of course I'm dissatisfied that I don't play more often. If a professional isn't, he's missed the job."The fact that he is still proud of his successes with Liverpool is shown by the multiple Swiss football player of the year with his exuberant cheers in the front line. This was also the case after winning the Champions League - a Appearance for which the 27-year-old had to endure a lot of criticism. "I don't care, I'm just not interested in that. It's probably just envy." Because he sees himself in an important position at the English cult club: "I have a certain status on the team. I do think I'm one of the leaders here"