What do military airfield taxiways look like

Theory basic course

Taxiways, taxiways or taxiways are the connection between the airport parking lots, the apron and the runway of an airport.

The taxiways of modern airfields are clearly numbered using letters and numbers. Normally there are yellow signs next to the taxi lanes in the intersection area of ‚Äč‚Äčthese lanes, which mark the respective taxi lanes.

The taxiing of airplanes on taxi routes is subject to approval by the tower or corresponding ground controllers, which take on and coordinate this part. Taxi routes are one-way streets and are only used in one direction at a time. If used correctly by all parties involved, there can never be oncoming traffic.

The taxiways on two airfields from IL-2 Sturmovik are shown in the following images.

Here the taxiways on two airfields are drawn from DCS. Left from the Caucasus Map (Anapa Vityazevo) and right from Normandy (Saint Pierre du Mont).