How do male chickens attract female chickens

Chickens prefer attractive people

We all know how important daylight is to get through the winter in a reasonably good mood. It's the same with a chicken.

A reader asked us: “Why do chickens need long hours of light to lay eggs?” So we asked a few experts.

Bright spot

Hens need light to lay eggs, says Claudia Dunkley, a poultry scientist at the University of Georgia.

When exposed to natural or artificial light for twelve hours, the hypothalamus of female chickens causes the release of a hormone that stimulates egg-laying. The hormone is one of the gonadotropins - sex hormones that also play a role in the human reproductive cycle.

In winter, when there is less daylight, “birds that are not kept in stalls where they are provided with artificial light for long periods of time stop laying,” says Dunkley.

Hens do not have to mate with a rooster to lay eggs - this is only necessary if chicks are to hatch from the eggs. On average, if properly cared for, a hen can lay an egg approximately every 24 hours.

Oddly enough, there is sometimes a connection between the color of the eggshell and the hen's earlobe. "White-eared breeds lay white-shelled eggs, and red-ear-lobed breeds lay brown-shelled eggs," said Jacqueline Jacob, a poultry scientist at the University of Kentucky.

One example of this is race Red rhodium lands.