Why is homemade food cheaper

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The stomach growls, the thoughts revolve around warm pasta and delicious curry, the seminar discussion drags on forever, the second hand seems to be moving in slow motion. It is clearly time for lunch. But how often is there just a quick sandwich on the go? You can concentrate much better after a relaxing lunch break with a real meal and enough time. We'll introduce you to six places where you can have a delicious, inexpensive lunch

Cantina e9

Cantina e9 is located directly opposite the synagogue and is part of the Weizenkorn Foundation, which offers around 180 sheltered jobs and apprenticeships. There are three delicious and healthy menus every lunchtime, at least one of which is vegetarian. The portions are big and the prices are small. With the Legi you get the menus with soup / salad and dessert for 10, - / 12, - and 16, - Chf. You can find the current menu plan and opening times here.

Green pole

Every lunchtime, Sirin and Hassan bake, cook and sizzle Kurdish specialties here. They combine the Kurdish nomad cuisine with a contemporary, healthy method of preparation. Most of it is vegetarian, some also vegan. But “non-vegetarians” will also find delicious dishes here. There are fresh lentils, delicious katma, various lentils, lahmacun and much more. Sirin and Hassan prepare everything fresh on site and even mix their own spice and herb mixtures. The name Grünpfahl already reveals the location of the restaurant, namely in Grünpfahlgasse, which is right across from the side entrance of the company Mitte.

The prices are between 7 and 17 Chf for a dish. You can find the entire menu card and information on opening times here.

Pasta cafe

The Pasta Café is located at Rosshofgasse 5, directly at the Universität bus stop. There are homemade pasta and ravioli with all kinds of sauces. Depending on the season, you can get them warm or cold and depending on whether you have the time or not, to eat or take away. The Pasta Café has particularly great offers for students. The dishes with Legi each cost 2 Chf less and you even get a bread roll and a warm drink. For example, Ben will prepare a plate of pasta with pesto, a bread roll and a coffee for you for 14 Chf. Lunch is served here from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Information on prices, opening times and impressions can be found here.


The ÄssBar is wonderfully suitable if you only want to sit down briefly and don't want to spend a lot of money. Because in the ÄssBar there are all kinds of baked goods from the counter and a cozy seating area. But it is not a real bakery, because instead of being baked, baked goods from surrounding bakeries that would be thrown away there, although they are still edible, are saved here. Aside from Schoggiweggli, bread and croissants, there are also pizza pockets, quiche, salads and a comfortable sofa. The low prices and the location right next to the Spalentor are also very suitable for studying.

You can find information about opening times and the concept here.

caboose (See picture above)

The galley is on the first floor of the company center. Tobias and Silvana cook really wonderful dishes here every lunchtime. In addition to delicacies such as cheese spaetzle with roasted onions and sweet potatoes on humus with roasted nuts and cashew cream, there is a large salad buffet and homemade ginger lemon tea. The mood here is very relaxed and mostly it's not too crowded, so you can switch off in peace. Another advantage: when this gentle, comforting tiredness sets in after lunch, the coffee house is really not far.

A lunch with a salad and drink from the buffet costs 16 Chf for everyone with a Legi. The chefs share what is on the menu every morning on Facebook.

Market hall

Everyone gets their money's worth in the market hall. There are Argentinian empanadas, Indian curries, crispy pizzas, fresh sushi and much more. That is why the market hall is particularly suitable for lunches together despite different preferences. People come together at the long tables under the large dome and marvel at the delicacies of the neighbors and vow to come back again and again to try everything out.

All information about the market hall is available here.