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Boxing"Muhammad Ali was the greatest"

For almost all boxers, Muhammad Ali was the great role model - also for the 1992 Olympic champion (Barcelona), Torsten May. And Ali leaves a great legacy. "There are many boxers who have tried to box like him," May said in Sport on Saturday at DLF. "But I haven't seen a heavyweight after that with this technique."

This technique - that was the "Ali-Shuffle", the incredible light-footedness of the exceptional boxer. "Ali celebrated the Ali-Shuffle and provoked the opponents with it," said May, whose father was already a big fan of the boxing legend. "He prepared himself mentally for the opponents and worked very hard." He did not spare himself, which also went far beyond his health. "Ali beat the greatest and was the greatest."

Boxing Olympic champion Torsten May in a DLF interview (Deutschlandradio - Jessica Sturmberg)

Ali also made headlines politically, for example with the conscientious objection that cost him the world title. "Ali was convinced to speak his mind and just stood up for it and faced the consequences," said May. "He was convinced that what he felt in his heart was right."

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