What makes a good article or content

What makes a "good" article? (Tips & Tricks)


A good article on vorOrt.news contains news, reports and opinions about Tutzing that are of general interest.

This makes vorOrt.news fundamentally different from most of the so-called "social media". In contrast to many of them, it should not be communicated which food you are currently eating, where you are currently on vacation or who you have met at some party. All too personal reports are not in demand.


What should be considered:

The easiest thing to do is to ask yourself the “W” questions of journalism and answer them.

Who did what, when, where, how and why?

Question number 7 should be added: What source (s) is there for this information?

Again in detail:

  • What it happened?
  • who is involved?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When was that?
  • How was the process?
  • Why did it all happen that way?
  • Where from - So from which sources - does the information come from?


A tip: Don't write too spontaneously!

If you have the feeling that important information is still missing for your contribution: get it! Even if it takes a while, if it may take a day or more - please take the time. This is exactly what defines the quality of a contribution: it should contain all aspects relevant to the content in question. Well-researched articles that shed light on all the important aspects of a topic are much more valuable - and, incidentally, also more credible - than spontaneous, quick fixes.