Is an airsoft gun a firearm

Airsoft: toy or real weapon?

Airsoft: Only partially regulated in the Weapons Act

Guns on the basis of Airsoft work, are not just in teenagers popular for outdoor games, but also belong to its own category in sport shooting It must be noted, however, that some airsoft devices do not fall under the Arms Act, others in turn but yes.

Depending on the function and type, different legal requirements apply with regard to the Acquisition, Possession and Use of devices with airsoft. Whether or not a gun license is necessary Age restrictions are often the most common questions that arise in this context. The following guide deals with these questions and goes into more detail on what an airsoft gun is and which legal regulations apply here.

FAQ: Airsoft

What is an airsoft weapon?

Airsoft guns have a compressed air system with which round balls are fired. If they are used to play Airsoft, they do not fall under the Weapons Act, but here the Joule value is decisive.

When does a gun license card have to be available?

If the projectile energy is more than 7.5 joules, a weapon possession card is required for possession. An age rating of 18 applies here.

Can airsoft guns count as fake weapons?

If airsoft guns look like real deceptions, they can fall under the gun regulations on pretend weapons. Violations can result in a fine of up to 10,000 euros.

What is an airsoft gun?

As airsoft special types of firearms are used in Germany. They work via a compressed air system and do not fire cartridges, but usually Round balls made of different materials - mostly plastic. Ammunition is not fired in this case.

An airsoft rifle, or airsoft rifle, if they are for the game Airsoft can be used either via Spring pressure, gas (like CO2) or an electromechanical compressed air system to be triggered. Is the pressure used for the shot below a certain joule value, these weapons do not fall under the Weapons Act, but rather are considered toys.

The low joule value also usually does not cause serious injuries, so a weapon based on airsoft can be used in many cases without danger Can be used in terrain and pursuit games. The projectile energy is so low here that these devices are no longer as weapons within the meaning of the law be considered.

Airsoft in Germany: Law and legal handling

With the changes to the weapons law between 2002 and 2003 also went Adjustments for Airsoft type weapons hand in hand. Devices with a Shot energy below 0.5 joules are now classified as toys and are from the Except for the provisions of the Weapons Act. Airsoft devices that rebuilt with conventional tools can be that the projectile energy exceeds 0.5 joules, but fall again under the gun law.

For weapons based on the operating principle of airsoft with a Bullet energy below 0.5 joules there is no age limit. But often these only from the age of 14 sold.

Is the Joule value between 0.5 and 7.5 the weapons are freely available, however only from 18. In addition, such airsofts are allowed without a gun licensenot public be guided. This means that the weapon and its accessories are allowed during transport neither ready to fire nor accessible be. In addition, the test mark "F" must be noted in a pentagon and it must not be fully automatic. These are allowed in Germany generally not acquired, owned or managed become.

According to the Weapons Act, Airsoft types are with a Projectile energy of over 7.5 joules Weapons requiring a license that may only be acquired and owned if one Gun ownership card is available. For these weapons according to the Airsoft principle applies an age rating from 18.

Airsoft: Looks play a role

But even if the projectile energy is an airsoft type weapon identifies as a toy, the look can be a weapons law meaning to have. Namely when these toys Deceptively similar to real weapons see. This is where the provisions relating to apparent weapons apply.

These stipulate that objects that can hardly be distinguished from real weapons may not be carried in public. If you violate these guidelines, it is an administrative offense, which is punished with a fine. The transport of these weapons, also as airsoft, is only allowed take place in closed containers.

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Airsoft: toy or real weapon?
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