Can we carry laptops to the airport?

The security check: How to get on board safely

The controls are a prerequisite for entering the security area at an airport and are always voluntary. If you follow the tips below, you will go a long way towards ensuring your safety while traveling.

Current information on aviation security checks due to COVID-19:

To reduce the risk of infection between all persons in the passenger and hand baggage control, we ask you to observe the following rules:

  • Hold up two arm lengths apart other people.
  • To enter The checkpoint, please only upon request and pay attention to the instructions of the security staff.
  • Prepare for the inspection!
  • Please bring only one piece of hand luggage to check with!
  • Check in all other pieces of luggage and all liquids over 100 milliliters!
  • Stow away all content your pocket, your mobile phone and your watch in your hand luggage or jacket!
  • Take larger electronic items (laptops, tablets, medical devices) and the 1 liter bag out of your hand luggage before the check!
  • Place them the following items in the luggage tub:

    • Bag / trolley
    • larger electronic items (laptops, tablets, medical devices)
    • 1 liter bag
    • Outer clothing (jackets, coats, etc.)
  • Please put your luggage tubs back on your own!

Control of passengers and information about the security scanner procedure:

  • The control with the security scanner / metal detector gate is voluntary.
  • Alternatively, a manual check is carried out. To do this, please contact the control staff or the Federal Police.
  • In Germany, the security scanners approved for air security checks in accordance with the EU regulation are used. Only devices that work with non-ionizing radiation are permitted. The software used in Germany only shows pictograms / stick figures. Body images are not generated. Data is not saved.
  • After going through the identity check, go to an assigned control point. The control person will scan you from the side or from the back.

Control of hand luggage and other carried items:

  • A follow-up check may be necessary after your items have been x-rayed.
  • Keep a safe distance from the follow-up area during the follow-up inspection
  • The control staff may search your luggage by hand for large and small prohibited items. Your luggage may have to be completely emptied for this.
  • The contents of the luggage, especially electrical devices, can be checked for traces of explosives with a wipe test.
  • In addition, you can be asked to switch on electrical devices and to prove their functionality. If the battery is just empty, sockets for power packs or chargers are available in the control points.

If you have been found to be prohibited items:

Bringing prohibited items into the air security checkpoint according to the aviation security act is generally an administrative offense and can be punished by the federal police with a fine. This depends on the individual case and, if applicable, further prohibition regulations.

Recognized prohibited objects that have been referred from the control point into the public area are allowed to:

  • hand over to other people known to you outside the control point.
  • deposit in a suitable place (for example in your car or in the luggage storage)
  • check in at the airline as baggage, as far as permitted (regulations for prohibited items and dangerous goods regulations of the airline must be observed). This is usually chargeable.

You can also give up and dispose of your property on the item. The control staff is not authorized to accept items or to dispose of them for you.

Additional information:

If a check cannot be carried out or cannot be completed, the passenger is not allowed to enter the security area. In this case, the control staff can refer the passenger from the control point to the public area.