Who will kill Thanos in Avengers 4

Avengers 4: Endgame is supposed to bring this dead MCU character back one more time

In Avengers 4: Endgame there should be some surprises when it comes to dead figures. New information regarding the cast has now been leaked. A character who died in Thor 2 could return with it.

Update, 01.20.2019:Also a new guest star should be in Avengers 4.

Probably the biggest question about Avengers 4: Endgame is how the remaining superheroes can undo Thanos' devastating snap of his fingers. At the end of Avengers 3: Infinity War, the villain wiped out half the world's population, and with it many Superhero. Death is omnipresent in the MCU, but it can also be at any time be undone.

Before the Marvel blockbuster answers the question in April, there are new ones now Information about a dead figurethat died long before Avengers 3. According to a rumor, Rene Russo is said to be part of the cast of Avengers 4. Even if official confirmation of this information is pending, it would mean that her role as Thor's mother, Frigga, could rise from the dead.

Rene Russo's casting as Frigga in Avengers 4 raises questions

In Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom, Frigga was killed. Algrim, the right hand of villain Malekith, stabbed Thor's motherHer funeral was then shown in the film. Thus, with regard to Frigga, the question arises as to how she could return in the upcoming Avengers 4 - if the message from Revenge of The Fans is correct.

One possible theory that has been popularized lately is a Time travel in prospect. Through them, not only Thanos' actions, but events even further back could be undone.

Alternatively, if Frigga doesn't return from the dead, she could be in Avengers 4 Part of the soul world into which the spirits of the deceased enter. Here, in the sequel, she may also be with Guardians of the Galaxy member Gamora who was killed by Thanos in Avengers 3.

We should have more clarity from 25.04.2019 to have. Then with Avengers 4: Endgame the big conclusion of phase 3 of the MCU starts in our cinemas.

How do you think Thor's mother Frigga might return in Avengers 4?