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An idiot on the way

I don't think the cover is one of the nicest, but the title is pretty good. An idiot on the road is a good mood title, I always have to think of my own holiday experiences, which were often flooded with mishaps and faux pas;) The book is written in diary form and has 7 chapters, each with a wonder of the world and in the respective country Experienced adventures are discussed. • The Pyramids - Egypt • Cristo Redentor - Brazil • Taj Mahal - India • Chichén Itzà - Mexico • Great Wall of China - China • Petra - Jordan • Machu Picchu - Peru What I liked about the book I liked at the beginning of each chapter a quote was made about the beautiful and breathtaking wonder of the world and including a quote from Karl Pilkington how he felt about it (although most of them don't get off very well). Then came a self-painted map that was labeled with the most distinctive places on the trip, such as where the hotel was or where he saw something unusual. In the middle of the capital came 'Karl's findings', on this page there was 4-5 instructive information that he learned on this trip, such as when the wonder of the world was discovered and what happened during construction. The book gives you an unusual insight into the journey, the wonders of the world are only mentioned briefly, the main focus in the countries is on the different cultures and the people who live there. On this journey you get to know a wide variety of characters, some weird and others incredibly lovable. I liked Jordan and Peru best, because of the landscape and the acquaintances. I described the book as an anti-travel guide, because after reading it, you worry about whether you are really going and if - where. You suddenly worry about things that you didn't even think about before. The cultural differences in toilets are also a major theme throughout the book. This was constantly and extensively addressed and compared. Personally, I didn't like the book very much, which is probably also due to the fact that Karl Pilkinton became increasingly unsympathetic to me while reading it. Of course, everything is not always great on a trip, but you travel to so many places in the world and see things that most of us probably never see and still cannot be satisfied with anything. For people who know and like Karl Pilkington it is a recommendable book, I will not read it again.