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With OvernightPrints, creating business cards online is not only quick and easy, but also possible in large editions of 100 to 1000 pieces at a fair price. Designing and printing business cards yourself is not rocket science: with our easy-to-understand design guidelines, everyone can easily create their own business card design. If you want to create business cards online, you should read the instructions on our website in advance. These explain how to achieve optimal results with various image editing programs. Designing business cards online is easier than you think.

Our print options for business card printing:

In our online print shop, you can create business cards yourself in three different ways: either you simply choose one of over 1000 templates with our classic online designer, or you just choose a pre-made background and design the rest of the card yourself.

But anyone who would like to design business cards online with a completely individual motif can do so without any problems. All you have to do is upload the corresponding file to our business card designer and check it in the preview. Designing business cards and creating business cards online is child's play here, which is why it is worth creating and printing business cards for free.

Design your own online business cards and buy them cheaply

Designing and ordering business cards online is very easy in our online print shop. However, if you want to create business cards yourself, you should follow our tips: When designing business cards, you should position important elements in a safety zone that maintains a minimum distance from the edge, so that nothing is accidentally cut with the business card designer.

Creating business cards online requires a file size of 88.22mm x 57.22mm, which is slightly larger than the standard format of the cards. This ensures optimal printing when designing business cards yourself. Your own business card design should be saved as a PDF or image file in high quality . Creating business cards works best with the color format CMYK and a resolution of 300dpi. Nevertheless, designing business cards yourself is no magic. Creating business cards online and designing a business card yourself is not difficult.

Create and print business cards online

Our business card designer also offers double-sided cards and tips for the horizontal or vertical alignment of the same. Creating business cards yourself is no art. If you want to create a business card online, you can quickly and easily design a business card at OvernightPrints. Creating business cards online and designing business cards only needs a suitable business card design.

After creating the business card, you can design business cards yourself and have them printed in 4 colors on high-quality cardboard. Creating business cards yourself allows a lot of design freedom. In our online print shop, business cards can be designed online and ordered both in digital printing on 300g cardboard with high rigidity and in offset printing on even higher quality 350g cardboard.

Design design business cards at OvernightPrints

Creating and printing business cards for free pays off in the long term to make a good impression on potential customers and business partners. If you want to design your own business card, you can choose from many additional options for a small additional charge. You can create business cards yourself, for example, with a 4-color back, high-gloss coating, partial varnishing and rounded corners. Designing a business card offers many opportunities to implement creative ideas, and designing business cards online is time-saving and inexpensive.

So that the noble business card design comes into its own, it is best to keep the cards in a protective business card case. After creating the business card and designing business cards yourself, you can choose between many different printing and shipping options. If you want to take your time designing business cards yourself, you will be satisfied with normal standard shipping. If you have to go fast, you can also breathe a sigh of relief: You can also create business cards online with express printing and 24h overnight delivery.