What are all the denominations of postage stamps

The most valuable rare stamps Brands

British Guiana 1 cent magenta, 1856

For a long time the 1856 "Black on Magenta" from British Guiana was considered the rarest and most expensive brand in the world. In 1856, the former colony of British Guiana was in dire need of an additional supply of stamps and couldn't wait for a fresh supply of new stamps to arrive from England, where they were normally made. The British Guiana Postmaster asked the editors of the Official Gazette in Georgetown to print an emergency edition for local use. Rather crude looking designs were printed in one cent and four cent denominations. One cent stamps were intended for newspapers, while their four cent counterparts were intended for postal correspondence.

This valuable item got into our ranking because it was made in British Guiana, which was one of the British colonies at the time. It was not until May 1966 that it gained independence from the United Kingdom.

The local designs were printed with black ink on poor quality magenta paper. They contained an image of a sailing ship, the inscription "Black Guiana" and an inscription of the Latin motto "Damus Petimus que Vicissim" ("We give and we look in return") of the colony. The stamp was rectangular in shape with cut corners, making it look more like an octagon. Each sample was initialed by a postal worker as a security measure against possible counterfeiting. However, the production of the stamps was soon discontinued. In 1873 a 12-year-old Guaian boy discovered an octagonal one-cent "Black on Magenta" stamped on April 4, 1856 and bearing the initials "E.D.W." carried in his family's attic. He later sold the stamp to N. R. McKinnon, a local collector, for a very small sum. The uniqueness of this stamp caused an uproar in philatelic circles over the years, as no other copy was ever discovered. In 1980 it was auctioned off to John Dupont for a huge price of $ 935,000. British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta, 1856 stamp sold for $ 9.48 million at Sotheby's in New York in June 2014.