What is Adobe Extension Manager CC

Release Notes for Adobe® Extension Manager CC version 7.1

The update for Extension Manager 7.1 includes the following new features:

  • More content in Adobe Exchange

Previously, content for Adobe Exchange had to be packaged as a ZXP file using a utility such as Adobe Exchange Packager. Adobe Exchange and Extension Manager have been updated so that any file type can now be submitted and installed. This means that Adobe Exchange can support additional Adobe CC applications and significantly more content. Adobe Exchange includes select compatible content from Adobe Exchange Classic and Photoshop Marketplace. Support for further CC desktop applications will follow in future versions.

Anyone can now submit files through the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal. If you choose to do this, Adobe Exchange will automatically package the content as an unsigned ZXP file. Extension Manager installs it in the user's Downloads folder so that it can be downloaded just like more complex dynamic extensions. This new content support can be used with any CC desktop application compatible with Exchange, such as: B. Photoshop® CC, InDesign® CC, Illustrator® CC, Dreamweaver® CC, InCopy® CC, Prelude® CC and Premiere® Pro CC.

  • Update extensions through Extension Manager

An extension offered via Extension Manager can now have an update link that points to update information on the provider's update server. Extension Manager shows updates that are available in this location and allows the user to initiate updates. You can provide a download url for the ZXP package. In this case, it will automatically download and install Extension Manager. Alternatively, you can refer to a page with instructions on how to manually download and install the update.

  • Support for Adobe Captivate® 7

Extension Manager 7.1 lets you create extensions for Adobe Captivate 7, a popular tool for creating software demos and simulations. In version 7, support for HTML5-based eLearning content has been expanded. In addition, users can now create courses that meet accessibility standards.