What's the right way to learn salsa

1. Salsa basic step for women & men.

Let's start right away with the salsa dance steps! The Basic step for women and men is basically the same. But they start with another page. The man begins with left forwards, the woman with right backwards. πŸŒ€

The Tact is there: fast, fast, slow - fast, fast, slow. There is a short pause after every third step. You can count yourself so that you don't forget the break: One, two, three - five, six, just one. And then all over again.

Because salsa follows a 4/4 time. The basic step runs over two bars. So it's 8 beats long. We don't count the 4 and 8 - they are them Pause at a slow step. But enough of the theory! πŸ€“ Here you can find the basic salsa step for beginners to try out directly:

Salsa basic step for men πŸ•Ί:
  1. Step left forward (one).
  2. Put your right foot in place (two).
  3. Step back with the left, short pause (three).
  4. Step back with the right (five).
  5. Place your left foot in place (six).
  6. Step forward with right, short pause (see level).
Salsa basic step for women πŸ’ƒπŸ»:
  1. Step back with the right (one).
  2. Place your left foot in place (two).
  3. Step forward with right, short pause (three).
  4. Step left forward (five).
  5. Put your right foot in place (six).
  6. Step back with your left, short pause (see level).
Instructions: This is the basic salsa step for women and men.

Practice creates masters! So don't be discouraged if it doesn't work out perfectly the first time. At some point you can do the salsa step sequence in your sleep. But don't forget the correct dance posture.

2. The correct dance posture for the basic salsa step.

What is the second most important thing after the salsa steps? Right, the dance posture! Because with the right salsa dance posture, the steps are much easier. And it looks great too! You can find the most important tips here:

Here you can see the correct salsa dance posture for the dance couple.

This is how the right one works Dance pose for the basic salsa step: Stand across from each other, about an arm's length apart. The gentleman is holding the lady with his right hand. To do this, he places the ball of his hand on the side of her chest. The fingers rest on the shoulder blade. So the hand does not go to the waist, hip or back. 😜

The lady puts the left hand on the man's shoulder. Then the man grabs the woman's right hand with his left hand and holds it at shoulder level. Pro tip: The lady is more likely to hold the gentleman's thumb than the whole hand. This makes the rotations much easier later.

Last but not least: Look you in the eye - not on your feet. πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘€ Relax your kneesso that you can dance the steps very easily and smoothly. And remember to take small steps. Now you are ready to dance! In the next section, you will learn how to keep the beat.

3. Recognize salsa beat & rhythm - so that your steps match the salsa music.

Many find it difficult Recognize rhythm of salsa. That salsa music is so fast doesn't make it any easier. πŸ™ˆ

Let's start from the beginning: How do you actually know to which songs the basic salsa step fits? We have that in the infographic Which dance goes with the song? summarized for you.

Then comes the next problem: Den To find commitment to "the one", so for the first step of the basic step. And then keep dancing to the beat. This is particularly difficult for beginners. But it is not a magic work!

As you've already learned, salsa music has a 4/4 time signature. The Basic step but is 2 bars long, so it has 8 beats. How can you tell the beats? It works very easily with these tips:

How to recognize the salsa beat in 3 steps:

1. Listen to the cowbell.
You read that correctly, a cowbell belongs to (almost) every salsa song. And you can hear them clearly. Pay attention: It usually strikes on beats 1, 3 and 7. And you already know how to count your dance steps from 1 to 7! The loop also shows you which beat is the one.

2. Find the loop.
A loop is a section of music that repeats itself over and over again. Usually it is the piano or the drums that play the loop. So prick up your ears: which melody is repeated? And where does it start? The beginning of a loop - this is your one! Here you start with the first step of the basic step.

3. Recognizes the intonation.
Have you noticed that sometimes all instruments play at once? That they particularly emphasize this one beat? Namely once every 8 beats? You already guessed it: This emphasis is on the one. It shows you when to start with the first step.

How you can recognize the salsa beat: It's easy with our tips!

Our last Tip: think less, feel more! Over time you will get better and better at recognizing the salsa rhythm. Just let yourself be carried away by the music and enjoy the dancing! Then the feet follow automatically.

Try it out now! Can you hear the cowbell in that salsa song? Do you recognize the loop or the intonation? πŸ‘‚πŸ€š Believe us, every time it becomes easier to recognize the salsa beat!

This is a good sample song to help you identify the salsa beat. Try out our 3 tips right away!

4. Salsa styles: This is how the basic steps in L.A., Cuban & New York style differ.

L.A., New York, Cuba - salsa is danced everywhere! And each region has developed its own style. After all, there are different influences and preferences everywhere. The Basic step remains the same in all salsa styles. Just how it is danced, that can be quite differently be.

Basic step in L.A. style

The L.A. style is one of the linear salsa styles. That is, the couple walks back and forth on a line in a basic step. The L.A. style is also famous for its acrobatic figures and high pace. A real show!

Basic step in New York style

The New York Style is also danced linearly. The biggest difference is that it is danced β€œon two”. The basic step is not started on the first beat, but only on the second. The New York Salsa style seems to have been postponed.

Basic step in Cuban style

Cuban salsa is not danced in one line - it is rotated! That is, the couple dance in a circle around a common center point. They don't go back and forth like the other styles of salsa. Many knot and wrap figures are typical of the Cuban style.

What is the difference between L.A. Style, New York Style and Cuban Style Salsa? You can find the overview here.

As you can see, it is worth asking the dance school which salsa style they teach or whether they mix the styles. Especially when you start to dance figures, it makes a difference. Because every style of salsa has its own characteristics.

The L.A. style is dynamic and athletic. The New York style looks totally elegant and flowing. And the Cuban style is particularly spirited. He is special practical for at homewhen you have little space to dance. πŸ˜‰

Do you really feel like learning salsa? Then read now how!

5. Learn the basic salsa step - this is how it works in record time.

Without appointments, but with a lot of fun: Learn the salsa steps at home in record time.

We all know that: the dance school is too far away or the course times do not suit us. Fortunately, there are practical ways to get around to learn salsa online. For example on YouTube. There you will find many free videos to learn the first salsa dance steps.

If you're in the mood for a real class, try our online salsa dance class. Here we guide you from the basic step to great salsa figuresthat really make a difference on the dance floor. Step by step and building on each other. You are at the end of the course ready for your first salsa party! πŸ’ƒ πŸ•Ί

And best of all: You can take the course in your own pace run through. So in case you have until the next party or until the vacation learn salsa quickly want - this is your chance!

Whether dance school, YouTube or online course - learning salsa is definitely a great experience. Because salsa is pure joy of life! So let yourself be carried away by the fiery energy and enjoy every dance. We wish you a lot of fun!

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