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Metal offers the greatest diversity of all music genres. It is difficult to keep track of the countless subgenres. If you take a closer look, a very interesting, but certainly also peculiar combination of music jumps in your face: Rap Metal. The biggest trademarks of this crossover genre are the guitar riffs and drums from heavy metal and the mostly rapped lyrics. Every now and then you can even find classic DJ elements, similar to hip-hop. We introduce you to the genre, work on the origins, influences and musical characteristics, illuminate the background and present the most important representatives.


As the name suggests, Rap Metal has its origins in the two genres of Metal and Hip-Hop. One can say that the two different styles of music have converged equally. It is no longer possible to determine precisely who took the first step and was therefore the main initiator. In the eighties and nineties hip-hop artists like Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Esham and Run-DMC began to incorporate musical elements from heavy metal into their beats.

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At the same time, rock bands like Faith No More committed to combining spoken singing and rock / metal. In 1986 the Dutch band Urban Dance Squad was formed and merged guitar, bass and drums with rapped lyrics and a DJ. Since the great success for the masses largely failed to materialize, Rage Against The Machine is considered to be one of the forefather bands of Rap Metal, although they were only to be founded five years later.

Musical characteristics

On the whole, the musical characteristics of rap metal can be described relatively easily: the guitar riffs come from the realm of heavy metal and funk metal, the rapped vocals from hip-hop and the DJ elements as well. Funk Metal in itself is a fusion of the reef techniques of Heavy Metal and the rhythm of the radio. Sampling, also a rap element, also plays a big role. Here, tones or individual frequencies from other songs are recorded, processed and reused in a different musical context.

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One of the essential characteristics of rap metal is the heavy text load. This characteristic inherent in hip-hop is also expressed in the high degree of social criticism in rap metal. Nu Metal is a derived form of Rap Metal. However, these two subgenres are not to be equated with each other. Nu Metal is a significantly more rhythm-oriented subgenre, but occasionally also has features from the hip-hop area.

The main representatives of the genre

Rage Against The Machine

They are considered to be one of the first rap metal bands and at the same time they are probably the most successful of this genre. The band around the singer Zack de la Rocha was founded in 1991 in Illinois. Right from the start, their musical output consisted of a mixture of metal, hip-hop, punk, funk and rock. The foundation stone for the first, commercially successful rap metal band was laid. De la Rocha's texts dealt primarily with political, societal and social problems, but were often also about personal experiences. The band attracted attention with political statements such as on the Letterman talk show or at the Woodstock Revival in 1999.

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In 2000 the band announced that Zack de la Rocha would leave the band. The other band members formed the group Audioslave with Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell. In 2007 Rage Against The Machine decided to make a comeback− The next resolution followed in 2015. A year later, they announced that they would move on without their singer. The two rappers Chuck-D and B-Real were introduced as the new front men. The formation was renamed Prophets Of Rage. At the end of 2019, Rage Against The Machine announced that they would be back on stage together with the original line-up from March 2020.

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Body count

In 1990 rapper Ice-T founded a band with which he wanted to combine hip-hop and heavy metal. From now on, they mainly drew attention to themselves with their texts. These deal primarily with social injustice and police violence. Their 1992 song "Cop Killer" received so much criticism that their then record label Universal broke up with them because of accusations of glorifying violence against the police from all sides. The song is still one of their most popular and best known tracks to this day.

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Over the years the band formed again and again, also due to a few tragic deaths of individual band members, disbanded, but then found back together. Body Count announced a new album as well as a tour through Germany, Austria and Luxembourg for 2020.

Hollywood Undead

The American band from California was founded in 2005. They also served the crossover genre Rap Metal from the start. Unlike Rage Against The Machine and Body Count, Hollywood Undead has several rappers rapping. In 14 years of band history, they have had numerous changes in their composition and have so far released five studio albums, one live album and several EPs. The band announced their sixth album NEW EMPIRE, VOL. 1 at.

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Other representatives

So many bands have emerged in the history of Rap Metal that it is difficult to agree on the most important representatives of their genre. In addition to the bands listed here, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Stuck Mojo, Clawfinger, Def con Dos, P.O.D. and assign many other bands to the rap metal circle. If you try to list all the relevant bands in the genre, you would not do them justice due to the high number and diversity.

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