How do black hat hackers work

SEO Basics: What is Black Hat SEO?

The term black hat is now mainly used in hacking circles, but originally comes from a completely different area: In classic western films, the villain usually wears a black hat in a duel, while the hero deals with one "White Hat" poses the challenge. The so-called Black Hat SEO can be paraphrased in many terms - but the image of the slightly shady and unauthorized remains. For some it is only messy methods of generating links, for others it is very clear Spam Practices. In any case, black hat SEO tricks are used to try to circumvent the official quality guidelines of the search engines in order to gain an advantage over your competitors.

If you start from scratch with a website, it usually is for companies tedious way up to the top position on Google, Bing and Co. Because in order to reach the top positions, you have to build a reputation and earn the trust of the users. The corresponding signals that Google uses to rate pages must also be generated. A major factor is the so-called Domain trust - this is the credibility or trustworthiness that Google assigns a website (you can find more on this topic in our article on ranking factors). The idea behind black hat SEO is To simulate reputation and trust with ease. So you pretend the site is more relevant, popular, and stronger than it actually is.

However, if the violations of the Google Webmaster Guidelines resulting from black hat SEO are noticed, Google takes the relevant pages into court: They will punished and in the worst case even from the Google index banned.