What is RLI in Rotary International

09/05/2019 12:51 PM Age: 2 yrs

RLI wants to bring migrants into work - professionally managed cooperation of volunteers

From: City of Neuwied Press Office

The RLI experts in discussions with those seeking advice, Mayor Michael Mang is an attentive listener ...

... as well as the municipal integration officer Dilorom Jacka.

A good knowledge of German is the key for migrants to enter the world of work. The "Neuwied RLI" integration project takes care of both areas. The integration project “Neuwied RLI” is a nationwide unique association of Rotary, Lions and Inner Wheel Clubs that has been working to improve the living conditions of migrants for four years. There are numerous volunteer sponsors who work professionally for this purpose. Mayor Michael Mang was convinced of this during a visit to a counseling session that RLI regularly offers at VHS Neuwied. The main focus is on helping them integrate into working life.

After initially focusing on German lessons, RLI began providing advice on establishing a career almost two years ago. Around 100 migrants have now been looked after, around 40 of whom have been placed in permanent employment. About 20 people are currently attending the counseling hours. During Mang's visit, there were four immigrants from countries such as Egypt or Syria, who each received intensive support from an RLI consultant who had previously been trained in the Job Center and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. A multi-page profile sheet, which, in addition to the vita, also includes language skills, qualifications, qualifications and professional experience, is an important tool for placing those seeking advice in internships, training or jobs. The wishes of the migrants also play a role - much to their surprise.

"We look after a wide range of professionals," reports RLI spokesman Michael Kröner. “Doctors, pharmacists, teachers and craftsmen come to us, but also people without training.” The consultants want to proceed accordingly. “We want to work sustainably. It is not a question of quickly placing migrants in any cheap job, but rather of placing people according to their - sometimes high - qualifications. To do this, we use our extensive network based on close personal contacts, ”explains Dr. Eckhard Binder, to point out again the importance of language acquisition. "The faster German is spoken, the greater the chance of finding a decent job - and thus of becoming a contributor to the social security system."

Mayor Michael Mang was impressed by the professional commitment of the RLI consultants. “The professional qualifications of migrants is an important social issue,” he emphasized. “In this context, the work of projects like RLI, in which proven experts have come together, is extremely valuable. The consultants come from the field, are well networked, and their suggestions are accordingly well-founded. "

The RLI consultation hour takes place every Monday from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. in the VHS Neuwied, Heddesdorfer Straße 33, room 408. Info phone: 0172 75 47 282. Employers who offer internships, are looking for trainees or are willing to take on refugees can contact rli-integration @ t-online by e-mail.