Can you drive without a driver's license

Driving without a license: These penalties threaten

Anyone who drives a car despite a driving ban or withdrawal of their driving license is committing a criminal offense. In the worst case, there is a risk of imprisonment.

Driving without a license can have a very simple reason: the document was forgotten at home. In this case, the person concerned only commits one administrative offense and pays a warning of 10 euros. However, if someone gets behind the wheel even though a driving ban is in place or their driving license has been withdrawn, they are liable to prosecution. Here are the most important questions and answers.

What happens if you drive a car despite a driving ban or if your driving license is withdrawn?

If you drive a car without a valid driver's license, you are liable to prosecution under Section 21 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG). There are two different constellations. In the event of a driving ban, e.g. due to a speeding violation, hand in your driver's license and get it back after the time has expired. A Driving ban takes between one and six months. Anyone who drives a motor vehicle during a driving ban will receive a large fine in addition to points in Flensburg. In addition, the driving license will be withdrawn for at least six months and must then be applied for again.

Was the driving licence already withdrawn, e.g. in the case of criminal offenses such as drug abuse or drink-driving, the penalty is significantly higher. The maximum penalty for driving without a license is one year imprisonment.

Can I drive other motorized vehicles, e.g. a moped, without a driver's license?

A distinction is made here between a driving ban and withdrawal of the driving license. A Driving ban applies to all motorized vehicles. Mopeds, e-scooters, bicycles with auxiliary motors and e-bikes (single-seat two-wheel mopeds with an electric drive that switches off automatically at speeds of more than 25 km / h) are also prohibited. Will the Driver's license revokedthat remains Driving mopeds up to 25 km / h in principle allowed. However, people who were born after March 31, 1965 require a so-called test certificate. E-scooters can also be driven.

Does the insurance pay if the driver does not have a valid driver's license?

The motor vehicle liability, which pays the damage to the opponent in the event of an accident caused by fault, can repeat the money and Recourse claims of up to 5000 euros put. The Comprehensive insurance pays in certain circumstances not at all. That means, you remain seated on the damage to your own vehicle.

Forgot your driver's license at home: do I have to pay a fine?

That can also happen: the document is simply forgotten at home. The following applies here: Drivers must have their valid driver's license with them every time they drive (Section 4, Paragraph 2 of the Driving License Ordinance). If you cannot show it to the police at a traffic stop, do one Administrative offense. According to the catalog of fines, the penalty for this is a fine of 10 euros.

Lost driver's license: can I still drive?

What if you lost your driver's license how you lost it replace and whether you drive a car in the meantime read our article on "Lost your driver's license".

Can I drive abroad despite the driving ban?

If you had to surrender your driving license in Germany, you are generally allowed to do so also do not drive abroadbecause you cannot produce an original document. Depending on the country, there are sometimes high fines.

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