What is a composite carrier in technology

Composite beams

Composite girders are girders which, in whole or in part, consist of individual parts coupled to one another made of the same or different materials and which together contribute to the load-bearing effect.

In bridge construction, girders with a steel-concrete composite are predominant. As a rule, the concrete slab of the deck is connected to the steel girders in a shear-proof manner.

Although reinforced concrete composite ceilings had been in use since around 1920, composite bridges with larger spans were only built towards the end of the 1930s. The Savebrücke near Zagreb, built in 1939, has a four-span composite beam with a standard span of 55 m.

In order to connect steel and concrete with one another in a shear-proof manner, block dowels and loop anchors were used at the beginning of composite construction.

The breakthrough in the composite structure was achieved with the use of headed bolts, which are welded onto the steel girder.

Dultenau trench bridge on the A98 near Rheinfelden