For which experiences are you most grateful

three things that are most important to you in your life

which are yours?

People who are important to you; Hope; Music.

health, family, friends

study, friend, friends + family

surfing, music, my family

Mom, grandma, best friend

my mom, my family and my boyfriend

My friend, my grandparents and money

Family friends books

my friend, my family, my friends

(everything else is replaceable)

SISTER ... friends ... family ...

My friends, my family and my job :-)

I think the topic is beautiful =)
So first of all all my loved ones (especially my friend), health and also have time in which you don't worry about anything but just enjoy life!

Friends; Family; My darling ♥

until a few weeks ago:
1st friend
2nd family
3. music

Friends & family, love and music

My daughter, my friend, my family

My friend, family, friends and their loved ones

music, love + family (same place ^^), friends

mom and sis, relationship with my friend, free time

Studies, my research, sports.

family (including dog), my friend <3 and music + books ^^

friend, mom and freedom ...

- The relationship with my boyfriend
- My friend's family + family
- Health
- My country Austria and the freedom that goes with it
- cars (especially BMW's)
- Water
- wonderful landscapes
- Etc

How foolish one must be when one asks the most beautiful things in the world! 3! to limit? :)

parents, sister, friends

-my life-family-friends-my imagination

parents, sister, friends

all dearest people (family, friends and my darling), health, joy

My darling and my two children !!!!!!!!!!!!

my health
my friend
my pets

family, friends, trust

family my friend and health

My friend + friends, health, a job that I enjoy

my kiddis, family, health

Friends, love, health