Do memory foam neck pillows work

Memory effect

They ensure a pleasant pressure relief through adjustment. As gel memory insoles, they have a cooling character for tired feet. Memory foam with the beneficial memory effect is also used for the saddle pad on the bike or for ergonomic seat cushions. In addition to the bath mat made of memory foam, other plastic objects or thermoplastics can have the effect.

From a technical point of view, there is also a memory effect that occurs in cell phone batteries and electronic devices such as pacemakers and car batteries as a result of a voltage drop. There is also the memory effect in athletic training, which describes a positive effect when resuming training.

Properties of visco foam

Visco foam is a crude oil product and is partly made from ester compounds. It has numerous properties that make it ideal for use in mattresses, toppers, pillows and mattress pads. On the one hand, visco foam has a high level of permanent elasticity. It is particularly adaptable and durable. Its high volume density (see volume weight) gives it its optimal dimensional stability. Visco has a special point elasticity that ensures excellent ergonomics. However, it has no support like cold foam, for example. The higher the pressure and heat when resting on the memory products, the softer it becomes and its restoring force increases. The pressure- and heat-sensitive Visco foam therefore follows the rules of thermoelasticity. It is used in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows and toppers. Thanks to its properties, viscoelastic foam gives these products a particularly good body adaptation, which allows the body of the resting person to relax completely. Visco-elastic mattresses, pillows and toppers are suitable for all groups of people.

Any type of sleep is possible for Visco mattresses, toppers and pillows, both back, side and stomach sleepers. Those who move a lot in their sleep are given the best possible support. Visco foam as a heat store has a beneficial effect on joints, muscles and blood circulation. Viscoma mattresses and neck pillows with a memory effect can relieve and prevent back pain.

Memory foam mattress, pillow and topper

A memory effect mattress is ideal for keeping the body healthy because of its high ergonomics and pressure-relieving effect. The weight load is distributed over the entire surface and balanced thanks to adaptation to the body. No pressure point bothers you and the point-elastic effect of a viscose foam mattress lets it sink in gently without letting the spine sag.