Lashes grow back when cut

Cutting eyelashes: why? How? Who? & Instructions for shortening


Cut eyelashes?!?! Are you crazy? This is how many react when you mention that you want to shorten your eyelashes. Long eyelashes are very feminine and make for a charming look.

But if you are blessed with long eyelashes, this can have a negative effect on your own well-being. Even the myth that eyelashes after shorteninggrow back longer, is gone here on the bottom.

When should you cut your eyelashes?

  • If you wear glasses, long eyelashes can touch the glasses when they are opened and they get dirty - this is a problem especially for mascara wearers.
  • Long eyelashes often get into the eye and have to be fished out again in a laborious way. Often a burning and reddened eye remains.
  • Touched eyelashes have one increased risk cancel. This effect increases with particularly long eyelashes.
  • Artificial eyelashes are often excessively long, and these can also be shortened. If you want to emphasize the outer eyelashes, trim the inner hairs a little shorter.
  • Trimming the eyelashes also makes sense for men, as long eyelashes very feminine Act.

Do the eyelash hairs grow back longer?

It is a Misbeliefthat eyelashes grow longer after cutting. After trimming, the hair grows on top of hers genetically determined length after (see Do eyelashes grow back?). In the growth cycle, eyelash hair goes through 3 phases; if it is removed early or breaks off, it takes time much longeruntil it grows back (2 - 6 weeks to several months).

Eyelash hairs renew themselves on average every 100 to 150 days - they fall out and grow back again, it is a completely natural process.

Instructions for shortening natural eyelashes:

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  • Eyelash brush (or mascara brush)
  • Nail scissors (better: eyelash scissors)
  • Mirror (better: magnifying mirror)
  • Eyelash curler (see eyelash curler test; but works without it)
  • Bright light


  1. Sit down at one bright Place and adjust the mirror at about head height.
  2. Brush the eyelashes with the brush - this is how they work individual hairs separated and more visible.
  3. Use the pliers to bend the eyelashes into the desired shape.
  4. The hair In stages Trim (rather too little than too much) with the nail scissors.
  5. Normally, the hair on the outer corner of the eye is always left a little longer than the one on the inner - this makes for an elegant look.

As you can see, trimming eyelashes is very easy, if you are unsure, you can also have it fixed by a professional.

Shorten artificial eyelashes:

Artificial eyelashes that come fresh from the pack often do not fit properly if the eyelash band or hairs are too long. This manifests itself in an unnatural look or causes skin irritation ...

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  1. Take false eyelashes out of the package and in front of you well lit. Hold the mirror against your own eyelashes.
  2. Remember how much the art. Eyelash protruding from the edge of your eye.
  3. Remove false eyelashes and cut off the excess length with fine scissors. If you have pointed fake eyelashes and want a natural look: Shorten the long hairs to the same length as the short ones.
  4. Trim the individual eyelash hairs to the desired length. Tip: Cut the hair so that the something beveled they look more natural. Trim the hair on the inner corner of the eye a little shorter than the inner one; the ones at the outer corner should be the longest - this will give you the best results.
  5. Hold the shaped artificial eyelashes to your eye, trim again if necessary.
  6. Repeat this process for the second lash.

Attention: Never cut false eyelashes while holding them straight to your eye. Scissors don't belong near your eyes.

If you want to know how to best apply the shortened eyelashes, then take a look at this article: Gluing on artificial eyelashes - it explains the different eyelash shapes and which one suits you best. These options for eyelash extensions could also be of interest to you.