What is the best chat bot builder

10 chatbot providers in comparison: Chatbots for every budget

If only there was a Tinder app for chatbot providers. Finding the right chatbot solution can be a tedious process.

Finding a smart, intuitive chatbot solution is definitely doable. Even one with a fair price and one that doesn't drive your customers to despair. But it takes time.

That is why we have taken on the task of comparing the best chatbot construction kits. We assessed the providers with a critical eye based on the following criteria:

  • Is the chatbot easy to create and integrate, even with little or no help from a developer?
  • Is it easy to use for customers and service staff?
  • Is the chatbot platform suitable for small budgets and well worth the money?

Here are the best chatbot providers for commercial use, from out-of-the-box solutions to advanced AI.

Ready-made chatbots to get started right away

Ready-made chatbots are a sensible solution for a cost-effective and quick implementation. Although they are limited in their texts and skills, they can still be adapted to the service, product or brand image of your company. We only included two of these out-of-the-box platforms in the comparison, as we recommend investing a little more time in developing a chatbot. But sometimes you just want to start somewhere.


TARS has hundreds, indeed hundreds, of chatbot templates to choose from, suitable for a variety of industries including insurance, healthcare, and tourism. The provider is an ideal solution for generating leads and building interactive landing pages.

  • Chatbot type: Decision tree
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, Zapier (which allows linking with numerous other apps)
  • Price: Free version available, $ 99 for 5 chatbots, 1,000 chats per month and a custom chatbot included

These pre-made templates are ideal for those with little technical background, as minimal changes are required to reflect your brand identity. You can create an AI without programming or writing your own script. TARS also offers the option to start building the chatbot from scratch and has many tutorials on YouTube to guide you.

Based in the United States, TARS supports 25 languages ​​and is used by industry leaders such as DHL and Vodacom.


ManyChat makes it possible to create a chatbot that promotes interactions on your Facebook company page. For example, he can sell products, collect contact information and guide your leads through the customer journey without staff resources.

  • Chatbot type: Decision tree
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, SMS, Zapier
  • Price: Free version, Pro version for $ 10 a month for 500 participants, $ 145 for 25,000

ManyChat offers a variety of design templates for your industry and a drag-and-drop kit to create your own bot design in minutes. The provider also has a localization widget on board that allows customers to select their preferred language.

Based in San Francisco, ManyChat offers courses and marketing advice for anyone new to the chatbot business.

Chatbot provider for creating a chatbot without programming

These vendors provide bot builders that give you more freedom to customize without consulting a developer. Almost without any programming knowledge, you can create an AI that is able to learn and improve on its own. There are also simple decision tree solutions that help your customers with simple tasks.

Bot community

Botsociety enables chatbots to be designed for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and your own website or app. The Californian company offers an easy-to-use platform for collaborative conversation design.

  • Chatbot type: Decision tree, "user says, bot says"
  • Compatible apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa Skill
  • Price: Free version, $ 79 all-inclusive and negotiable packages (with a team to help you)

All the conversations you create with Botsociety can be easily exported and shared on different platforms. This allows the same bot to be used with different apps and gives internal and external employees access to the code.

Botsociety emphasizes the importance of entertainment-based design. In use by companies such as AirFrance and Accenture, this chatbot is predestined as a prototyping tool. Your team can test numerous dialog flows before the chatbot goes live.

Everything you need for an effective chatbot can be implemented without a developer. Botsociety also offers integrations for Dialogflow, Rasa, Azure and more. Your development team can easily change intentions and variables in the design.


For anyone who would like to skip tutorials and start the design process right away, Landbot is a great provider. The intuitive chatbot platform enables entry free of charge without specifying a credit card number and works with a self-explanatory modular system.

  • Chatbot type: Button-based decision tree
  • Compatible apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
  • Price: From $ 100 a month upwards, plus individually expandable packages

Using country bread is about as easy as painting by numbers; A large number of boxes and widgets are available that can be linked to form a conversation structure. The provider is an ideal solution for chatbots that are supposed to make appointments, answer simple questions or activate users. I have created a chatbot with country bread myself and report on it in the article "Writing texts for chatbots: 6 steps to a fluid dialogue."

Landbot's design options help you create visually appealing chatbots and preview conversations while you work on the dialog. With L'Oréal Paris, Uber and LG as customers, Landbots Chatbot also enables handover to a service employee if the bot gets stuck.


Chances are, you've already spoken to a chatfuel bot. The provider of user-friendly chatbots makes its software available to many big names, such as Lego, ABC News, HelloFresh, Adidas and T-Mobile.

  • Chatbot type: Decision tree / context based
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger
  • Price: Free version, Pro version costs $ 15 a month, plus negotiable packages

Chatfuel offers templates to help you get started. Here you work with customizable modules to create your script and define keywords and sentences that are recognized by the AI ​​and processed in a meaningful way. Chatfuel is one of the best providers to implement human-like conversation without having to invest a lot of money.

The provider's YouTube channel is filled with helpful videos that accompany you on the chatbot journey, not least a video that addresses the GDPR guidelines, an important topic for German companies.

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Ada is a no-code chatbot that seamlessly links with your live chat provider. Conversations with Ada are not written bluntly, which makes the exchange varied.

  • Chatbot type: Decision tree / context based
  • Compatible apps:Live chat providers such as Userlike, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Salesforce, SMS
  • Price: Free version, price depending on your needs

Ada gives you a simple blueprint to build your chatbot. You can design conversations with the help of AI that learns from your customers and understands spelling mistakes, idioms and keywords that you have previously defined. To ensure that your chatbot is providing first class service, Ada allows you to conduct A / B tests.

The entertainment chatbot supports 14 languages ​​and randomly selects equivalent greetings and responses to freshen up the exchange on recurring interactions.


Used by National Geographic, Smartloop personalizes automated conversations with your customers and makes it easy to route conversations to an employee.

  • Chatbot type: Button-based decision tree / context-based
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, Viber, your own connected channel
  • Price: Free version, $ 10 a month for Premium

Smartloop helps you reactivate leads by having the bot send out personalized push messages based on past interactions. You can then analyze the conversations and adjust the chatbot to better serve your customers.

If you design your chatbot with Smartloop, you use a building block structure with a preview function that is updated during the development process. Smartloop chatbots can have any number of conversations. Once the chatbot is live, you don't need a developer by your side to build or manage the bot.

Chatbot provider for advanced digital assistants

These are the AI ​​chatbot providers for companies with a generous budget and their own development team.


OMQ is the simplest chatbot in this category, as it can be put into operation “out-of-the-box”. The chatbot pulls answers from a central, continuously learning knowledge base so that it can answer queries faster and more accurately every day.

  • Chatbot type: Context based
  • Compatible apps: Userlike, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram
  • Price: Free 14-day test phase, prices on request

The OMQ bot developed in Germany is able to imitate human conversations - an ability that users of chatbots want. Your bot is already trained in your target language and also supports 32 other languages.

The chatbot works flawlessly with your live chat provider, especially Userlike and its HTTP API framework. The Austrian side for EMP uses this combination and thus achieves a current resolution rate of 60%.


This is the most advanced chatbot provider in our comparison. It is a context-sensitive, cross-channel solution that allows you to download the programming code and customize it.

  • Chatbot type: Context based / decision tree
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Twitter, Telegram, WeeChat and more
  • Price: Free version, $ 19 a month for developers, $ 199 for pro version, negotiating base for businesses

Implementing the chatbot requires the help of a development team or a CX designer. Pandorabots, based in San Francisco, makes things easier by providing small talk libraries, a free Udemy course, and code / no-code options.

You can write your scripts in any natural language and have the option of speech-to-text (and vice versa).


Cognigy is an entertainment AI platform for an even more professional chatbot setup. You can easily create human-like conversations using the easy-to-use flow editor.

  • Chatbot type: Context based
  • Compatible apps: Integrates various CRMs, ERPs, RPAs and more
  • Price: Price on request

The German chatbot provider supports a large number of languages ​​so that you can offer chatbot services across countries. The system can either run via the provider's SaaS cloud or via your own infrastructure. It's omni-channel compatible, which means you can connect Cognify to your live chat provider's API, such as Userlike.

With Cognigy you benefit from unlimited scalability and deep learning algorithms that continuously improve its performance. The provider based in Düsseldorf is the best solution if you are looking for an advanced setup that can meet the high demands of your customers.

Connect your chatbot to your live chat

Make your chatbot part of your customer service team. Combining the two helps ensure that you are making the best and most efficient use of your employees' time. Chatbots can take care of simple routine tasks.

If you are looking for a platform with which you can integrate live chat on your website, try our 14-day trial period. We are happy to support you on your way to digital customer service.