What is so unique about Gothics


There are a few characteristics that identify clothing as "Gothic-suitable". Silver is the most important contrasting color to the black outfit and can be found in all areas. Jewelry is always silver, is used as lavishly as possible and partially covers the neck or wrist. Silver features are also meticulously applied to clothing: D-rings on trousers, silver zippers and buckles, silver buttons and belts.

Another feature is the "thumb hole" on sweaters and mesh shirts. This is used to pull the clothing down as far as possible on the arms and thus cover the skin on the wrists. Goths like to put light make-up on their faces and necks. If you then see brown skin on your arms and wrists, it breaks the contrast between the light face and the black clothing. Besides, it looks stupid. The thumb hole prevents the sleeves from sliding up during the movement.

Belts are another important feature of the Gothics. The belt does not serve as a fixation for the trousers, but as a pure accessory that usually lies around the hips in several rows. Some goths wear three or four belts on top of each other, let them hang down on one side and decorate them with chains. The belts are studded with rivets or spikes and are reminiscent of the style of the punks. Sometimes you can also find cartridge belts or belts made of metal plates on clothes.