Can known posts on my timeline see

Facebook privacy settings
that you should definitely know

Ever wondered who apart from your friends reads all of your status updates? Without the right privacy settings on Facebook, you could tell your whole life story to a stranger on the street. You have nothing to hide? But you should!

My advice: With all of them Facebook privacy settings it is difficult even for experts to keep track of things. It is therefore advisable to generally refrain from ill-considered posts, nasty comments and embarrassing photos.

The most important Facebook privacy settings

Every word is saved, every slip is visible forever - even for personnel managers and uninvited readers. Therefore, use the possibilities that Facebook offers you to protect your privacy as much as possible:

Who can post on your timeline

A full timeline with lots of posts from your friends is great. Until the bad party pictures from that one night emerge, a troll starts bullying you, or some “barrister” has an inheritance from an unknown uncle for you. Limited access to your timeline not only keeps the bulletin board clean - it also keeps your state of mind.

Here you can deactivate the fact that others can post in your timeline or that third-party content appears in your timeline:

Privacy setting: Who can post on your timeline?

Recommended setting:Just me

Check markers before appearing in your timeline

Have you ever been tagged unsolicited in posts or pictures that were not intended for the public? In the future, you can easily prevent unwanted images from appearing in your timeline immediately and thus being visible to all of your friends. With a small setting, you can first review posts that you've been tagged in:

Privacy setting: Check markings before appearing

Recommended setting:Activated

Who can see your posts

Do you know the uncomfortable moment when the exact person suddenly appears unexpectedly behind you, about whom you have just spoken badly? This is exactly what can happen on Facebook if you don't control your target group settings.

You can set the target group for each individual post. To do this, click on the button to the left of "Post"Is located below the status message, or go to the following page:

Privacy setting: Who can see my Content?

The setting options in the target group selection:

  • Public: Posts are visible to everyone inside and outside of Facebook.
  • Friends: Only your friends on Facebook can see your posts.
  • friends without acquaintance: The people in the list Known are excluded.
  • Just me: Only you can see your posts.
  • Custom: Here you can choose exactly with which people and lists you want to share your posts, and with which you don't.
Note: If other people are tagged in a post, their friends will also see the post. If you don't want your photo or post to be visible to friends of the people you've tagged, you can change this setting:
  1. Click on the target group selection next to the message and select "Custom“(Or see link above).
  2. Uncheck the field "Friends of tagged people“.

If you accidentally shared a post with the wrong audience, you can always change it. Click on the menu in the top right corner of the post and select "Edit privacy“.

Which Facebook apps have access to your data

Facebook gives app manufacturers like FarmVille free access to much of your data. The frightening consequence: Now not only Facebook has your data, but also a third party provider. But what should the app developers do with the knowledge? From personalized advertising to movement profiles, everything is possible. And you don't know who else knows anything about you. Terrifying, isn't it?

Here you can check which apps you have already activated:

Privacy settings: Apps registered with Facebook

Recommendation: Remove any apps that you don't know about or that you no longer want to use.

Hide Facebook friends list

Would you like strangers to snoop around your private friends list? Or do you want all of your friends to know about your new contacts? You can prevent this with just a few clicks:

How to hide your Facebook friends list.

  1. Go to your own profile and open the tab "Friends“.
  2. Click on the pencil in the upper right corner (see graphic above) and select the option "Edit privacy" out.
  3. Here you can set who can see your friends list.
Recommendation: Select "Just me“If you don't want other people to be able to browse your friends list.

No advertising in your name

Sure you like to recommend products that you like to your friends, but do you also want Facebook to do that without asking? And without you knowing about it and having any say in it? Once your name has appeared in an obscene or dubious advertisement with your boss, you will wish you had discovered this setting option earlier. So if you don't want to be an advertising pillar, you can stop Facebook from doing it with just a few clicks.

How to turn off personalized advertising on your behalf:

Privacy setting: Third party websites

Privacy setting: Ads and friends

Recommended setting: Each "Nobody

Hide the chat status

"Why don't you answer?" "Hello ??" "Hello ???" - Sometimes the green dot next to your name in chat seems to raise the expectation that you will answer immediately. Always. This is especially true for people with whom you actually have nothing to discuss. If you hide your chat status, only one person decides when to communicate: namely you.

How to hide your chat status:

  1. Click in the chat bar
  2. Select "Advanced chat settings
  3. With "Turn off chat for some friends only ...“Enter the people who should not see your chat status.

    Alternatively click on "Turn off chat for all friends, except ...“And choose the lucky ones.