When do we actually use the word?


  • coll., clichéd · sorry but (...)
  • You will excuse me, but (... main form · if I can allow myself the (se) remark variable · I have a very stupid question: (...) coll that (...) go. Sorry, but (...) inf. with all due respect (but) go. go. · I don't want to say anything, but (...) inf. · with your (kind) permission go. · ↗with your permission, go. · ↗sit venia verbo go ., lat. · if it's right inf.
  • ↗in any case (in summary) ↗well now then whatever may be whatsoever as I said: ... ● but well, infinite. · all well and good (but) ... infinite. · well infectiously. · Ever now inf., Out of date · well, no matter (at least) inf., Casually · ↗ well inf. · well, well, well, well, well, well, well and well (but) ... inf.