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Left critic about Wagenknecht: "Racism begins with selection"

The philosopher Thomas Seibert signed the open letter against Sahra Wagenknecht. He explains why he thinks they are racist.

Wagenknecht specifically reinforces the mood in which radicalism is growing, says Seibert Photo: Reuters

taz: Mr. Seibert, do you think Sahra Wagenknecht is racist?

Thomas Seibert: Wagenknecht strengthens racist positions in the electorate of the political left and thus diffuse racism in around a quarter of our society. Strictly speaking, this is itself racism.

Isn't that grossly exaggerated?

She is not an avowed racist. Many of the AfD voters are not either. But racism does not only begin with an explicit commitment to the superiority of the white race and the German blood community. Racism occurs where people are selected according to their characteristics: those who belong here and those who are only tolerated here and should soon be removed. She really thinks so.

Do you seriously want to put everyone who is skeptical about open borders under suspicion of racism?

Let's stay with the selection for now. If travelers at German airports are subjected to a preliminary check before entering German territory, in which all whites are waved through and all obviously non-whites are stopped and asked for their passport, then that is institutionalized racism: racial profiling. The customs officers take part, even if they themselves are far from any racist belief. If a political order constitutively does the same thing, it is a racist order. Anyone who actively participates in the reproduction of this order takes part in it. Anyone who not only wants to reproduce this order, but also to tighten its exclusionary character, is deeper into it than the customs officer, who may even feel sorry for his actions.

The philosopher and author (born 1957) is the spokesman for the Solidarity Modern Institute, a red-red-green think tank. He is a co-signer of the open letter to the Left Party MPs.

Wagenknecht, like the left-wing parliamentary group, voted against all tightening of asylum in the Bundestag. How does that fit with the racism label that the open letter attached to her?

As Prime Minister, Oskar Lafontaine played a leading role in the tightening of the asylum law - have you forgotten?

That was in 1992. Do you want to hold Wagenknecht responsible for it?

Wagenknecht follows up on this and deliberately intensifies the mood in which the dismantling of the rights of non-German people continues and threatens to be radicalized even further. All of this in a situation in which the Chancellor, with her “We can do it!”, Opened up a reverse path and thus put our society in front of an either / or: Yes, we can do it and thus also create a different, more cosmopolitan society - or no, we can do it and we don't want it, we want to stay among ourselves Wagenknecht decided this either-or for itself after the second option, incidentally no different from Nahles or Kretschmann.

So Nahles and Kretschmann also belong under suspicion of racism?

Yes of course. In this country, millions have chosen the “we can do it” path. Left politics follows on from it - or it is not left politics. If you choose “We can do it!”, You can of course have doubts as to whether this or that turn of the road will be the right one in practice: Understood in this way, skepticism about open borders is of course legitimate. But Wagenknecht actively opposes the political choice of “We can do it!”.

The open letter does not discuss specific statements, but is a blanket attack on Wagenknecht. Isn't excommunication from the ranks of orthodox believers a ritual of left-wing debates that is better left behind?

It's not about inner-left quarrels, but about Merkel's either-or and the future of our society. Let's give the racist quarter more space, or let's collect a majority for “We can do it!” Here is the rose, here dance!

Jan Korte, not suspected of being a Wagenknecht fan, says: "Whoever puts the parliamentary group leader in the racist corner, doesn't have all the cups in the cupboard." He does not isolate Wagenknecht's position in the Left Party - on the contrary.

The question is not what who says about the letter. What matters is what decision the party ultimately makes. She has already tried several times to stop Wagenknecht. She has disregarded it again and again. What will be binding: your position or the party program?