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Sword Art Online: Hype or Hate? How the spirits differ about video game anime!

Heated discussions are without a doubt the blood of every fandom! The rule of thumb is that if you are well known, you will also be criticized, for example with the cyber adventure Sword Art Online! We present you the arguments of both sides!

Where there are fans, there are also discussions - after all, opinions are there to be exchanged, and so current series are eagerly discussed, discussed, analyzed and, of course, also criticized. As is the case with real-life films, the mainstream is watched with suspicion, and anime, which has a large fan base, is often watched meticulously searched for errors and weaknesses.

While some get away with it rather lightly, there are also a number of hype anime, to which real counter-movements have formed and which repeatedly provide fuel for heated debates. One of them is the video game epic Sword Art Online, which has been gathering a gigantic fan base since the first season was released in 2012, but has also been criticized again and again.

We introduce you to the arguments of both sides and would like to encourage a discussion about Sword Art Online! Please note that this is the case opinions and not fixed facts - if you see certain things differently, feel free to comment in the comments!

Where can I watch the anime?

Who the first two seasons of Sword Art Online want to stream, has the opportunity to do so either on Wakanim or Netflix - the series is available from both providers in the original Japanese sound as well as with the German setting available. However, the French streaming provider is a bit ahead of its American counterparts, because the Movie Ordinal Scale, the Extra Edition, the spin-off Gun Gale Online and the Alicization Arc are also available here. While the Abendfüller and the Recap are also offered in two languages, the German dub is no longer used in the latter two parts of the series.

For the shelves at home, Peppermint Anime has so far published all Sword Art Online parts on Blu-ray and DVD and is currently working to decorate the German fan shelves with Alicization. *

This is what Sword Art Online is all about!

In the year 2022 the video game industry will experience a serious upheaval: The so-called Nerve Gear has the ability to turn its user into a Photo-realistic virtual reality dive in and experience the most fantastic adventures there. No wonder that not only progamer Kazuto Kirigaya, aka Kirito, is eagerly anticipating the launch of the new VR MMO Sword Art Online.

But when, after their first experiences in the vast landscapes of the Aincrad game world, the players notice that the button to log out is missing, the button changes colorful fantasy world into a dangerous death trap. Chief developer Akihiko Kayaba indicates that Sword Art Online can only be left by reaching the hundredth level. If someone dies trying to do this in the game, he will also be sent on his last journey in reality.

So Kirito sets out to find another black swordsman Way out of the pixel hell and makes some fateful acquaintances along the way ...

This is what the fans say about Sword Art Online

When the first season of the video game adventure hit the Japanese screens in 2012, Kirito and co were able to trigger a monumental hype, because millions of enthusiastic gamers saw themselves a little closer to the dream of becoming part of a video game themselves. Sword Art Online tells an epic and varied story, because in the midst of the wide valleys and lush forests of Aincrad people laugh, cry, love and live - so that SAO one for a moment beautiful dream world draws.

The characters are also convincing, because many male fans saw themselves in the kind-hearted swordsman Kirito, while Asuna is still a popular cosplay choice among female SAO advocates. The conclusion is still made by the absolute Hollywood-style animation from Studio A-1 Pictures, as well as the soundtrack by star composer Yuki Kajiura.

This is what the opponents say about Sword Art Online

Not everyone who dared the trip to Aincrad would return satisfied: A number of viewers were disappointed by the VRMMO epic and attested Reki Kawahara's story lacking depth, Lots of logic errors and a bunch of unnecessary kitsch.

Unlike the underlying light novel, the anime also chooses a chronological narrative order of the side stories instead of putting the main story in front of them as in the original, which is why there are big time skips and the hunt for the hundredth level is repeatedly interrupted by slice of life passages . Besides, the characters are annoying, one-dimensional and superficial and would also spread an outdated and objectifying image of women.

That's what the editors say

That Sword Art Online not a literary historical masterpiece is clear to both most fans and writer Reki Kawahara himself. In an interview with the anime publisher Aniplex, the creator admitted: »I know that the Nerve Gear technology has a few plot holes, but I couldn't think of anything better. Maybe someday, somewhere, another author will write a better story about an MMO death game «.

Nevertheless, Sword Art Online's success speaks for itself and proves that the anime fulfills some wish of its viewers: It is probably the fantasy to escape from everyday life, to experience a fast-paced adventure in the middle of a rustic fantasy backdrop, to meet true love and there living a life according to your own rules and laws that not only delayed the Isekai trend, but is also responsible for SAO's popularity. To exactly this wish fulfillment one comes without a question masterful implementation, in which the Studio A-1 completely surpasses itself.

Anyone looking for deep and philosophical concepts in anime will most likely have little use for the adventures of Aincrad. Who, however, is away from the daily grind for a couple fun hours If you want to be entertained, Sword Art Online is the right place for you. Is one or the other the right approach? Should anime be viewed as works of art or entertainment? Or is it already art just to entertain people? Questions to which everyone has to find their own answer, just like whether SAO is a masterpiece or not.

Now it's your turn! What is your opinion on Sword Art Online and whose arguments do you find the most convincing?

Let us know in the comments!

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