What subjects do you have at school?

My school day

Aravind walks to school during the monsoon season, Valentina likes German grammar and Karthik sometimes goes to the beach during breaks. Pupils from two PASCH schools in Chennai (India) tell you about their everyday school life.

Aravind Mariappan, 17 years old, Marian Higher Secondary School

Aravind Mariappan | © Katja Hanke

I study all day for the big exams we are about to have. Our classes start at a quarter to nine and end at three thirty. We have eight school lessons and each lesson is 45 minutes long. I run to school every morning. It takes 20 minutes. Sometimes I also ride my bike. In the monsoon season, when it rains a lot, I always run, but then with an umbrella.

I'm in the twelfth grade now, so I don't have any free time. When I come home after school, I watch TV briefly, then do my homework and study from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., sometimes until 10 p.m. I go to sleep around 11 p.m. and get up at 6 a.m. - sometimes even at half past five if I still have to study.

My favorite subject is mathematics, but I also like German. We have one hour of German every day. Our teacher is very good. She explains a lot about German culture and shows us additional material on the overhead projector.

Are there special rooms for certain subjects?What do you do after school, in your free time?

Valentina Caroline Daniel, 17 years old, Marian Higher Secondary School

Valentina Caroline Daniel | © Katja Hanke

What I like most about school is my girlfriends. During the lunch break we chat and eat together. My mother cooks for me every morning and gives me the food. That is delicious. We also have a small cafeteria at the school, but only drinks and snacks are available there.

My favorite subject is biology. But I'm always looking forward to German too. This is very interesting. I like German grammar, it's not difficult.

Class ends at half past three. Then I'll go home and sleep for a while. I am very tired and cannot continue learning right away. Then I'll have something to eat and start doing my homework. From half past six to half past nine, I do my homework and study various subjects. I like to do it, I enjoy learning. I want to study medicine, so I have to learn a lot.

What do you particularly like about your school?What do you look forward to when you go to school in the morning?

Frederick Russel Lionel, age 16, St. Bedes Higher Secondary School

Frederick Russel Lionel | © Katja Hanke

Classes at our school start at half past eight and end at a quarter to three. We have a 40 minute lunch break. I eat outside with the others and we still play soccer or tennis. We also do sport in the small breaks. Our schoolyard is very large, there is a lot of space. We even have a tennis net.

My favourite subject is English. I always look forward to it in the morning on the way to school. Especially to Father John-Peter, our English teacher.

After class, our school offers training in various sports every day from 5 to 6 p.m.: cricket, table tennis, football and more. Our teams take part in regional and national competitions. I play cricket. This is particularly encouraged at our school. This afternoon I'm not going to training, but playing chess with my brother. We do that once a week. After that I watch TV and still study.

What I like most about our school is that you can train here. The coaches also take care of weak guys and make them strong.

What do you like to do after class?

Karthik, age 16, St. Bedes Higher Secondary School

Karthik | © Katja Hanke

Our school is right on the beach. I sometimes go there on lunch break. If I had a problem before, I tell the sea. That helps me to think clearly again. We have eight lessons every day. My favorite subjects are mathematics and German. I came to this school this year and wanted to learn a new language. I was happy that there was German here. Most of all, I like the very good atmosphere at our school.

After class, I often go to cricket training and don't get home until 6:30 p.m. Then I study for two and a half hours until 10 p.m., read books and do homework.

Which subjects do you like the most?What do you want to be later?

Jaya Krishna, 16 years old, St. Bedes Higher Secondary School

Jaya Krishna | © Katja Hanke

I look forward to meeting my friends at school every morning. During the lunch break we sit under a tree in the courtyard and have lunch together. Then we play a little more soccer. I am also always looking forward to our English teacher, father John-Peter. He is very funny. In general, I like our school. What I like best is that it is not very strict here. You have a lot of freedom and can choose which subjects you would like to study. The teachers are also nice and talk friendly to the students.

My favorite subjects are economics and German. We have only been learning German for six months. It is a challenge for me to learn something new. That makes it interesting.

After class, I play some cricket, watch TV, or listen to music. I study in the evening from 7pm to 8pm. One hour is enough for me. I used to go to school in the afternoons for cricket practice. But now I'm playing on a sports field near our house. My mother no longer wanted me to go to training because I always came home late.

When do you have lessons?Why do you like German?

Katja Hanke conducted the interviews.