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Data engineering

Obtain valuable information from the complexity of different data of different origins - and in the required quality-assured format.

Data engineering describes the collection, processing, validation and analysis of data sets of various origins. The complexity of different data from different origins requires in-depth technical knowledge of the various big data and database technologies in order to provide data scientists or data analysts with valuable and useful data in the required quality-assured format. The selection of the right hardware and software for the task can also be attributed to data engineering.

We, the TIMETOACT GROUP, offer you certified advice and support in your projects in the field of data migration and implementation of data warehouse and big data solutions.

novaCapta - What exactly does knowledge management include and what does it have to do with profitable companies? We are happy to support you with our specialist knowledge in creating a lively knowledge platform that is optimally tailored to your company.

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TIMETOACT - managing rapidly growing amounts of data in companies is versatile: data must be processed, indexed, filed, destroyed, stored or archived. But where do you save your data after processing? In-house or in the cloud? How do your employees get secure access to distributed project data from different teams? And are the most up-to-date versions of your latest application available in each of your offices?

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The data logistics of the TIMETOACT solution are very efficient, which is crucial for us as the market leader. The charging process used to take all night - today only a fraction of it, although the scope and complexity have increased significantly. "

Matthias MerzBI Project Manager Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH

Product Information Management

synaigy - In order for a company to achieve this data sovereignty, increasing networking of all systems is necessary. A classic ERP system cannot do that. A solution is needed in which many products can be maintained quickly and efficiently and distributed to a large number of recipients. A professional Product Information Management (PIM) solution provides the foundation for minimizing sources of error and meeting (customer) requirements.

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