What are some strange animal behaviors

10 crazy things dogs do and what they mean

Our dogs surprise us every day anew - often with certain behaviors that we humans do strange, unusual, or even shocking Find. We'll show you what's really behind your dog's weird behavior.

1. This is why your dog is suddenly so excited

Everyone knows it: Suddenly your own dog is very excited, runs around wildly and seems to be completely turned up for no apparent reason. This behavior is often called the "Zoomies" designated. In this way your dog shows very easily how happy he is! A dog often behaves like this at certain times, for example after training, a nice bath or after being fed. Dogs then feel a certain excitement and zest for life, which they live out in "Zoomies".

2. Eating feces is not uncommon for dogs

Even if it may seem repulsive to us humans when the dog eats its own leftovers or the excrement of other conspecifics, this behavior is not that rare. The so-called "Coprophagia" is often justified by the fact that dogs compensate for a lack of nutrients - but this theory is controversial. Canine behaviorist Nick Jones is more likely to believe that eating feces is a learned habit which can be counteracted with targeted training.

3. Why does the dog eat vomit?

Dogs vomit much more easily than humans, but they also vomit regularly not healthy! If you find your dog choking up his food more often, it is imperative to see a veterinarian. Eating strangled food is, however no unusual behavior for your dog. Some puppies know that their mother provides them with pre-digested food.

4. This is what it means when your dog mounts blankets and pillows

For many, it is embarrassing when their own dog mounts inanimate objects - but this is not unusual for four-legged friends. It may be because your dog, who may be in puberty, is pursuing his sex drive, but there is another possibility: maybe your dog has simply learned that you can help him pay attention by doing thisby, for example, admonishing him. Your dog will then simply want to attract your attention by climbing on it.

5. That is why dogs sniff each other's rumps

An everyday dog ​​ritual that seems very strange to us humans: As a greeting, dogs sniff each other's backside - provided that both parties agree to it. Through the The dog receives a lot of useful information by smell about the conspecifics. We humans also experience it, for example, that dogs instinctively sniff at our crotch to greet us.

6. Why do dogs slide around on their rump?

It may look funny, but it's not funny when your dog slides his backside across the floor. If your dog shows this behavior, he has definitely a problem in that part of the body. Be sure to visit a vet now - he will figure out the cause. Slipping on the rump is a dog's reaction to health problems.

7. There are many good reasons for dogs to dig in the ground

Dogs scratch or dig in the ground for various reasons. On the one hand, your dog may dig into the ground, after doing his businessHas. However, he does not want to remove his little pile in this way - his aim is rather to spread the smell of his legacy. The dog follows an instinctive behavior to mark its territory.

On the other hand, dogs dig too out of boredom, or to cool off. When it's hot outside, many dogs like to dig a cool hole in the ground. However, digging can also be a sign that your dog is bored - make sure that your dog is working to capacity!

8. That means constant tail chasing

It can be fun to watch your dog chase after its own tail. However, if your dog does this very often, that is a clear warning signal: Your dog is bored! Make sure that you exercise your dog physically, but also mentally. If your four-legged friend plays too colorfully, injuries to his rod are by no means uncommon.

9. This is why males also crouch when urinating

Many dog ​​owners assume that every male dog lifts his leg when urinating - and vice versa every bitch sits down. However, dog behaviorist Nick Jones reports that it is both sexes also both behaviors be able to show. According to Jones, the dog's sexual maturity can affect its position when urinating.

10. When dogs blink, it's not like humans

If your dog winks at you, it has little to do with expressing feelings. Most of the time, dogs try this way getting something out of their eyes or to focus on their vision. Make sure your dog is not looking at a foreign object.