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Hair clipper test 2021 - hair clipper in comparison

Hair clipper test 2021 - the best hair clipper in the comparison test

Hair clippers are real all-rounders and can not only replace the hairdresser, they can also be used to trim the beard or body hair. In our comparison test, we take the most popular models under the microscope in individual tests and then compare them with each other. Which model offers the best overall package and where do you get the most bang for your buck? We answer these and a whole host of other questions in our Hair clipper test.

Here is a brief summary of the individual test results with an introduction to the most interesting devices:

The test winner

Panasonic ER-1611 in the test

The Panasonic ER-1611 is advertised as a professional hair clipper and there is a reason for that. The ER-1611 is actually used in many hairdressing salons and it is accordingly of high quality. The processing is flawless, the cutting length can be selected in 35 (!) Stages and the performance is also completely convincing. At over 100 euros, of course, all of this has a correspondingly high price.

The price-performance winner

Philips QC5115 in the test

The Philips QC5115 works in many areas like the direct counterpart to our test winner from Panasonic. Economical equipment, simple design and even a battery have been omitted here. Nevertheless, the Philips scores above average in the test, and not just in terms of price-performance ratio. In view of the price of sometimes less than 20 euros, this is actually outstanding. In addition, however, the robust construction and the solid shear performance can also appeal.

The alternatives

Remington HC5810 Genius in the test

The Remington HC5810 Genius is a little more expensive than the price tip from Philips, because it costs just under 50 euros. The price is already put into perspective with a quick look at the equipment. Plenty of accessories, cutting lengths from 0.8 to 40 millimeters, a high-quality lithium-ion battery and all of this is also supplied in a sturdy aluminum case. Only minor weaknesses in processing and handling prevent an even higher rating here. Nevertheless, the Remington HC5810 is a clear buy recommendation!

Braun BT7240 in the test

The Braun BT7240 is primarily a beard trimmer, but of course it can also be used as a hair clipper. Thanks to the extensive scope of delivery (which even includes the first-class Fusion 5 wet razor from Gillette), nothing is left to be desired. The maximum cutting length of 20 millimeters is small, but it can be selected very precisely in 0.5mm steps. The stainless steel shaving head is probably a bit too narrow for a regular haircut, but if you can see over it, you can't go wrong with the BT7240.

Braun HC5050 / 90 in the test

With a price of around 40 euros, the Braun HC5050 is in the midfield among the test devices. The individual ratings achieved, on the other hand, are above average. The workmanship is very good, the handling is well thought out and the equipment is generous. The shaving performance is also fully convincing with short hair, the brown only reveals weaknesses with hair lengths of around 20 mm. The HC5090 is identical, but offers slightly better features.

Braun HC5010 in the test

The HC5010, the smaller model from Braun, is usually a few euros cheaper. Here you have to do without some accessories and equipment features, but the relationship to the HC5050 or HC5090 cannot be overlooked. The workmanship is decent and the performance is quite convincing. Only the tight cut length settings and the relatively weak battery spoil the picture.

Philips HC7460 in the test

With the HC7460, Philips supplies a robust hair clipper for everyday use. The equipment is generous in view of the price of around 50 euros and the build quality is decent. When used on the head, it can also shine and enables consistent results in 60 possible lengths between 1 and 42 millimeters. When used as a beard trimmer, however, the attachments turn out to be a bit too big and make shaving more difficult. Without a comb attachment, you can also trim a beard with the Philips without any problems.

Panasonic ER-GP80 in the test

The Panasonic ER-GP80 is the direct successor to our test winner. The bottom line is that both show the same performance, the ER-GP80 only adds a little more when it comes to presentation. For this, the price has also been increased a little in comparison, around 120 euros are due. The slightly lower price of the "old" ER-1611 is the decisive factor and it is just one step ahead.

Panasonic ER-DGP82 in the test

With the Panasonic ER-DGP82, the successor to the successor is already in the starting blocks, but here, too, the differences to the older models are marginal. First and foremost, the new carbon / titanium coating of the blade is advertised here, but it is hardly noticeable in practice. The price is probably a bit too high at around 160 euros. If money is not an issue, you can get hold of one of the best hair clippers in your hands. All others are better off with the cheaper test winner ER-1611.

Remington HC363C in the test

Around 30 euros are due for the Remington HC363C and you get one of the best shaving performance in the test. Ultimately, only weaknesses in workmanship and usability cost the Remington a significantly higher ranking. If you can overlook these weak points and if a maximum cutting length of 25 mm is sufficient, then the HC363C is not a bad choice.

Moser 1400 in the test

The Moser 1400 differs significantly from many other modern hair clippers. It is relatively big, heavy and that although it does not even have a battery. This makes operation less comfortable, but it also contributes to the legendary robustness and longevity of the hair clipper. In any case, there is no lack of performance and the price of around 30 euros is fair.

Grundig MC 9542 in the test

The Grundig MC 9542 scores in the test primarily with the decent performance of the good shaving head and the very generous equipment. In addition to at least 8 attachments, a storage bag and a small charging station are also included in the price of around 35 euros. Criticisms in terms of processing quality and ease of use ultimately cost the Grundig a better ranking in the comparison test.

NBPOWER professional hair clipper put to the test

The NBPOWER professional hair clipper also plays in a very similar league as the Grundig. It is manufactured by a fairly unknown company and is sold exclusively through Amazon. In our test, however, the NBPOWER can surprise positively and impresses with solid performance and generous features. The price of just under 35 euros is accordingly fair and makes the NBPOWER professional hair clipper a good alternative.

Hatteker hair clipper in the test

In a direct comparison to the NBPOWER, the Hatteker hair clipper definitely has the similarities. The Hatteker also comes from China and almost nothing can be found out about the brand. With a price of just under 40 euros, it is slightly more expensive than the NBPOWER and particularly impressed in our test when it came to large-area trimming. This is done quickly and evenly. The exchangeable battery and the universal USB charging cable also bring plus points.

Sichler Men’s Care 6in1 in the test

The Sichler 6in1 can impress on paper, after all, it promises not only to be a hair clipper, but also a body hair and beard trimmer as well as a razor and nose hair trimmer - and all for just around 30 euros. It is clear that the quality cannot always meet the highest standards. The hair clipper in particular shows a solid performance in the test.

Features and equipment

  • Cutting length
    All modern hair clippers offer the possibility to vary the cutting length in different stages. The devices then differ significantly in terms of the actual values. While professional devices offer over 50 cutting lengths between 0.5 and 50 millimeters, simpler models have to be content with significantly less variability.
  • Shaving head width
    The width of the shaving head is actually a coin with two sides, because wider is not always better here. Shaving is faster with a large shaving head, but hard-to-reach areas tend to be a problem. If a hair clipper is also to be used to trim a beard, less is definitely more here. Usual shaving head widths are mostly between 30 and 40 millimeters.
  • battery pack
    A rechargeable battery enables cordless operation, but usually also makes the hair clipper a little heavier than the models without a rechargeable battery. Many devices with a rechargeable battery are also supplied with a charging station, where the hair clipper is not only charged, but is also in good hands. The battery capacity plays a subordinate role, at least in the private sector, because with running times of 30 to 50 minutes, all devices also allow longer use before they have to be recharged.
  • Case or bag
    In contrast to other devices in the bathroom, a hair clipper is usually used irregularly, sometimes only every few weeks. Some devices are therefore also supplied with a pouch or even a case so that they can be stored neatly and tidily between uses. Such containers are of course also an advantage when traveling, because they protect the hair clipper in the suitcase or travel bag.
  • Special attachments, maintenance oil, cleaning brush
    With some hair clippers there are also various accessories, such as the ones mentioned, in the scope of delivery. Special attachments allow the hair in the area of ​​the ears to be shortened optimally, the care oil keeps the shaving head and the blades in optimal condition and the cleaning brush makes it easier to remove individual hairs after use.

Why a hair clipper?

The bathroom cabinet is often already crammed full of various electrical devices that you need every now and then and cannot simply dispose of. But now you have to buy a part with a hair clipper that costs money, takes up space and that you would probably only use every few weeks? For the vast majority of households we would say: yes, it's worth it! With a little skill and practice, a hair clipper can completely replace a visit to the hairdresser for most short hairstyles, or at least make it less necessary. This saves so much money that the purchase usually pays for itself after a few weeks. In addition, most models can also be used to trim or even completely shave body hair. With prices of little more than a single visit to the cinema for two, a hair clipper should not be missing in any bathroom.

The test procedure

All tested hair clippers were subjected to an independent individual test and rated in 4 rating categories. Regardless of the price, we evaluate the shaving performance, the handling, the processing quality and the design, as well as the equipment offered. Each of these categories is rated with a maximum of 100 points. The fifth and perhaps most important rating is for value for money. The average of all 5 individual ratings ultimately results in our overall rating. In addition to the performance achieved, the price also flows into this. In order to make our test procedure as transparent as possible, here is a brief explanation of the individual test categories:

Power: In terms of performance, we rate shear performance in general. Is very short, but also slightly longer hair captured with as few strokes as possible and shortened evenly? Does this also work well with beard hair and body hair? Based on these questions, we form the rating in the “Performance” category.
Handling: Everything flows into it that makes the use of the hair clipper easy or awkward. A good battery, a particularly uncomplicated cleaning of the shaving head or a comfortable change of the cutting length - these are examples of advantages in this area.
Processing / design: The materials used are of high quality and the workmanship is clean? Then there are a lot of points to be won here. The overall design and quality of the accessories also count towards the score.
Furnishing: Quantity is not everything, but when a device is delivered with plenty of accessories, that has a positive effect here. Many adjustable cutting lengths and a waterproof construction also provide plus points here.
Price-performance: The supreme discipline, not only for bargain hunters, is the price-performance ratio. Here we put the offered performance, i.e. the ratings of the other 4 categories, in relation to the purchase price. An otherwise average hair clipper can also achieve a top rating here, provided that the price is correspondingly low.

Read in our hair clipper test how the individual devices cut and compare all current hair clippers in our list of the best. You can find the best model for your needs here and avoid a bad buy.