Why do people consider Messi about Pele

If there's even one thing you don't think people understand about you, what is it?

I do not know. I am a completely normal person and have the same life as other people. When I finish playing and working, I have my family, my friends, and I live like any other person.

Why is it unimportant for you to go down in history as the best footballer of all time?

Because the only thing that matters is playing. I've been enjoying this since I was a kid and I keep trying to do it. I think so every time I go on the field. If one day I don't enjoy playing anymore, or if I don't enjoy it anymore, then I'll stop. I do this because I love it and that's the only thing I worry about.

What is the most important quality that has helped you the most as a footballer?

I believe my will to get better and better. To want more and more, to be the biggest critic myself, and to accept both the good and the bad.

Except for you, who is the best player in the world right now?

I dont know. There are a lot of great footballers like Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi, Cristiano (Ronaldo). Bavaria also has Ribéry and Robben. There are a lot of good players. I can name many names of great footballers. I let people decide who is the best.

When you think of the best footballers in football history such as Pelé, Maradona or Beckenbauer, you not only remember their successes for their clubs, but also the successes for their national teams. How important is it for you to immortalize yourself with a great performance for Argentina?

I want to become world champion, but not to change people's opinions of me or to reach that so-called size that so many people talk about. I want to win in order to achieve my goal with the national team and to be able to add a world title to my collection.

How would you compare yourself to the Messi from four years ago in South Africa or from 2006 in Germany, where you were almost a child?

I have developed a lot as a footballer and a lot of things have happened to me. Both good and bad that have helped me mature - as a person and as a professional too. I became a father, which was a very big change for me. It lets you look at things from a completely different perspective. At this point in time, my son is most important to me. Coming home and seeing my son is a very great joy for me. It makes you forget all your worries. His birth changed me.

What would your life be like if you stopped playing soccer?

I dont know. I hope I still have a lot of time in football. I haven't thought about it. It is still very far away.