How did Vijay Mallaya loot me

What else happened on the Côte d'Azur

( - First things first: It always seemed like a good idea to serve our readers interested in the boulevard in the form of this regular review, but as you can imagine, the amount of work involved at the Monaco Grand Prix a little higher than usual, to put it mildly. Therefore, we should be forgiven for the slight delay.


Harbor panorama: Formula 1 in the living room of the rich and beautiful

As the author of these lines, you get really jealous when you think of colleague Britta Weddige, who had the Monaco weekend off, but still went to the small principality on the Côte d'Azur to refresh social contacts, as one would say dryly who calls workaholics. But our dear Britta knew how to let her soul dangle, treated herself to a beer in the Stars'N'Bars after the Formula 1 qualifying and waved through the fence at the working colleagues in the paddock with a sardonic grin. # W1 #

When healthy sleep becomes fatal

While we're on our own Monaco experiences, we mustn't forget about expert Marc Surer, who saw the traditionally free practice Friday as an opportunity to make Thursday night a day at the party on Vijay Mallya's Indian Empress yacht. Marc turned up there accompanied by his girlfriend Silvia Arias, who comes from the picturesque village of Eze above Monaco.

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Monaco 36 years ago: Princess Gracia Patricia, better known as Grace KellyZoom

But Monaco is apparently no longer the bombproof paradise of the rich and beautiful that it once was under the reign of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, because Marc and Silvia were robbed in the hotel room! Among other things, the thieves took away the limited-edition Williams watch from Oris, which Marc always liked to wear, but in return - with the last bit of decency - left the identity card out of their wallet. As it turned out, several other hotel rooms were looted by the same thieves.

If you want to accuse Marc that he not only drank orange juice but also a few cocktails at the Mallya party because the thieves would otherwise have woken him up, you should be told: firstly, a healthy sleep is not reprehensible and secondly, you get in Monaco, with all the parties, can't avoid having a sip of alcohol from time to time. At this point, we shall be forgiven if we cannot possibly mention all the parties - there were just too many!

The usual parade of celebrities in Monaco is of course related to the almost simultaneous film festival in neighboring Cannes, where word has got around over the years that a car race is taking place nearby. First of all, Formula 1 was a guest in Cannes and not the other way around: Lewis Hamilton took Miss Grenada Vivian Burkhardt, a German-born, to the Indiana Jones premiere!

Friends only? That would sound different, Lewis!

The two are "just friends", father Anthony Hamilton later nipped all rumors in the bud, but the McLaren-Mercedes star currently seems to have many female friends: During his victory drive on Sunday, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls was in a purple dress in a silver one Hospitality Palace and acted almost like part of the Hamilton family. She was Hamilton's "biggest fan," she told colleagues from the 'Bild' newspaper.


Pop star Nicole Scherzinger is said to be Lewis Hamilton's new girlfriendZoom

"I love his soul," said Scherzinger. "When I first saw him, I was standing in a huge crowd. He asked me, 'How do you manage to deal with this hype?' I told him: 'Hold on to your family - they will give you everything you need and get you back on the ground!' Little did I know then that Lewis is as much a family animal as I am. We are soul mates. "

One can only hope that Kylie Minogue's sister Dannii, who is also singing, Jacques Villeneuve's ex-flame, does not read these lines, because "Minogue II" (Why shouldn't we also number siblings who don't drive car races?) Was actually agreed to meet with Hamilton for Monaco. The two met for the first time at the season opener in Melbourne. Well, Jacques married, Lewis from the market - the Minogues and the Formula 1 drivers, that doesn't seem to work ...

Hamilton's buddy and star director George Lucas was of course also among those A-list celebrities from the film scene who came from Cannes at least briefly to Monaco, as well as director Helmut Dietl, Veronica Ferres, Kate Hudson (accompanied by lover Lance Armstrong), Elizabeth Hurley, Brigitte Nielsen, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone and director Quentin Tarantino, avowed Formula 1 fan and this time a guest of Ferrari.

Monaco film directors impressed

"My imagination has not been enough to this day to be able to imagine that Formula 1 cars drive through these narrow streets," said Tarantino enthusiastically about his visit. "Unbelievable! I will definitely be back." George Lucas was equally enthusiastic: "Everyone knows that I'm a huge Formula 1 fan. Whenever I have the chance to get to a Grand Prix, I take it." However, the star director had to leave again after qualifying.


"Star Wars" director George Lucas is a former sponsor of Red Bull RacingZoom

Speaking of the Hollywood connection: Giancarlo Fisichella, who drove his 200th Grand Prix on Sunday, came out as a huge fan of the movie "Titanic" with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet in the lead roles, while Felipe Massa and Nelson Piquet Jr . are a bit "cooler" and are more into the action series "24" with Kiefer Sutherland. Massa: "I have all episodes on DVD. I love this series and don't miss any of it!"

Sharon Stone, however, did not use her body for high fees at a charity auction, as she did before, but donated her noble Corvette Stingray (built in 1974) for a good cause. Kimi Raikkonen couldn't resist: The Finnish "Iceman", who by the way is married to ex-Miss Scandinavia Jenni, put 200,000 euros on the table for the luxury car of the sex bomb without batting an eyelid.

Vijay Mallya was also looking for a splash: The Force India boss himself spent over 300,000 euros - including on a piano by pop musician Sir Elton John - and donated a week on his yacht as an auction item. That was worth 375,000 euros to the anonymous auction winner. In total, the auction brought in almost one million euros, which Elton John's partner David Furnish was delighted to receive.

The charity run by Felipe Massa's race engineer Rob Smedley, who, together with his wife Lucy, is committed to caring for stillbirths and abortions, is not about that much money. Rob and Lucy know what they are committed to: their daughter Minnie was born dead last June. Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello provided exclusive memorabilia for the Smedley Foundation, among others.

Special birthday party for Wurz Jr.

A very different kind of good deed was done by Honda test driver Alexander Wurz, because the Wahlmonegasse invited his eldest son Felix's entire school class to the paddock on Wednesday for the birthday of his eldest son! Wurz applied for his own passports from Bernie Ecclestone and of course took over the tour himself. Of course, the kids were less interested in the dismantled Formula 1 cars than in the fully assembled GP2 racers! And: Ecclestone issued pit lane passes for the Wurz group, but not for the Formula 1 unemployed Takuma Sato ...


Kicking for a good cause: Prince Albert and Michael Schumacher at the FußballZoom

The Nazionale Piloti game for Michael Schumacher in the Stade Louis II, in which Schumacher contributed a goal to the 4-0 success of his team, brought in money for a children's charity. Also on the field: Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. Kazuki Nakajima was absent from the celebrity kick, but gave himself up to the Champions League final together with a few friends from the Williams team in the run-up to the Monaco weekend.

The Japanese, who stayed sober as always and only drank water instead of beer, much to the delight of his bosses Frank Williams and Patrick Head, saw Manchester star Michael Carrick appear among others. Carrick flew home for two days after the final against Chelsea in Moscow and then allowed himself a detour to Formula 1. His colleagues Raul and Michel Salgado from Real Madrid were also in Monaco.

Mark Webber, who trained on his bike with his buddy Lance Armstrong, was also physically active beforehand. But there was a terrible moment of shock: Morris Denton, a mutual friend of the two sports stars, was rammed by a car! "He looked like someone shot him," said Webber, who provided first aid himself and was incredibly relieved that Denton was able to walk through the paddock again after a brief hospital stay on Sunday.

Flavio and his wives

Renault boss Flavio Briatore had concerns of a completely different kind, because a few paparazzi pressed the shutter button when the 23-year-old singer Lily Allen jumped off his yacht without a top. Flavio's fiancée Elisabetta Gregoraci was definitely not amused. In addition, Briatore's ex-flame Naomi Campbell was at the Grand Prix like every year - and the dark-skinned beauty is said to like to freak out. Was that also the reason that nothing came of your affair with Lewis Hamilton?


The hair is short again: Eddie Irvine at Elton John's anti-AIDS fashion showZoom

Hamilton, now apparently given to Nicole Scherzinger as I said, should have been very happy that he didn't run into Eddie Irvine. The 1999 vice world champion celebrated on Friday until the early hours of the morning at his sister Sonia's Amber Lounge Party - as always with some pretty girls in tow. But if Eddie knew that Lewis was making out with his sister in Malaysia, then maybe there would have been a blow in the mouth without relaxing - we just assume that as professionals of tabloid journalism ...

One of the highlights of Friday evening was the Amber fashion show FORM by Bernie Ecclestone's daughter Petra, in which no less than seven Formula 1 drivers (Jenson Button, David Coulthard, Lewis Hamilton, Tonio Liuzzi, Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil and Mark Webber) strutted down the catwalk as models. Rosberg would have loved to keep some of the clothes: "The clothes were really funny. Posing in front of a wall of cameras is something else."

The fashion show featured not only the usual Monaco celebrities, but also people like Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell, fashion emperor Philip Green, former NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson and of course Vijay Mallya. All these gentlemen dutifully opened their purses - one wonders what they have spent in total on those few days in the principality. Therefore, we also found the gag that the TV colleagues from 'Premiere' came up with: "How far can I get in Monaco with ten euros?"

200th 'Premiere' Grand Prix: Congratulations!

Speaking of the 'premiere': the pay-TV broadcaster broadcast its 200th Grand Prix in Monaco - the success story began in Hockenheim in 1996. There aren't too many of the crew at the time, but the commentators have always been a fixture: Jacques Schulz, a friend of good rock music, and our Marc Surer sat together in front of the microphone at all training sessions and races. Schulz only missed a session once at Silverstone.


200 Grands Prix and not a bit tired: The 'Premiere' crew in MonacoZoom

For many years, the driving force behind the 'Premiere' success was Michael Schumacher, who accepted an invitation to the studio on this occasion and defined his job as a Ferrari consultant as follows: "I advise!" Thanks for this hot information, Michael! All the hotter is the 24-year-old beauty who claims to be a great cousin of the two racing Schumachers and is also called Corinne - coincidentally matching the names of the Schumacher wives (Corinna and Cora).

It was surely a pure coincidence that the Miami-based TV reporter went to the 'Bild' newspaper on the Monaco weekend with her dream that she would love to be Miss Venezuela. Corinne claims that the "Schumis" are distant relatives because their grandfathers are said to have been brothers. Ralf Schumacher sees it differently: "A nice story, but my grandfather didn't have a brother." But let's be honest: With the dream sizes 94-62-95, we don't care. And dear feminists: Save your protest letters, we know ourselves that this is not politically correct.

What type of woman Max Mosley likes is beyond our knowledge - hand on heart - but we know more about the sexual preferences of the FIA ​​President than we really want to know. Mosley showed up in the paddock on Thursday morning. The expected uproar did not materialize, but he did not have too many friends around him: some teams employed their own spotters so as not to get too close to the British, and the princely family Grimaldi politely but firmly invited him to the traditional gala dinner at the Sporting Club.

Twelve pairs of shoes and an iron

At least in terms of clothing, Sylvia Hoffer would have been optimally equipped for this Williams press spokeswoman, because a sparrow whispered to us that the passionate Bruce Springsteen supporter had brought no less than twelve pairs of shoes as well as an Indian and a Chinese outfit. It is particularly praiseworthy that she still practiced being down-to-earth: "I have my own iron and ironing board with me!"


Guests at Red Bull: Life Ball boss Gary Keszler and Marcus SchenkenbergZoom

Iron of a completely different kind caused a stir on Saturday morning when free practice had to be stopped because of a loose manhole cover at Sainte Devote. FIA race director Charlie Whiting had workers from the Azur Métal company brought in at short notice to weld the manhole cover back on. One can assume that the guys from the local hardware store made good money for lack of time to negotiate wages.

Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz also has the necessary change, because he had to transfer an estimated 100,000 euros to the harbor master for his energy station, which bobbed like a palace in the harbor - only as a parking fee, of course. But the hospitality plays all the pieces: swimming pool, roof terrace, flat screens and table football - you will definitely not get bored with the cops from Austria. By the way: Mateschitz was 65 years old these days. We congratulate!

However, we are awarding the prize for the boat of the weekend to Kimi Räikkönen. The Ferrari star had bad experiences with small yachts in Monaco two years ago (see video on YouTube) And so this time he procured a top-class ship for his family and friends on which nothing can happen: The SS Delphine was built in 1921 and is no less than 78.5 meters long!

"Iceman" on the trail of war leaders

Kimi's parents as well as brother Rami and many friends and acquaintances of the world champion had a good time on the SS Delphine - among other things in a room in which politicians like Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josef Stalin were already in one during the Second World War At the table. The Räikkönens - especially the enthusiastic mother Paula - let themselves be pampered by no less than 32 crew members. However, there is angry tongues that Kimi should have asked his guests to pay for their stay on the boat ...


Kimi Raikkonen did the trick and chartered this sensational JachtZoom

The "Iceman" is supposed to be inclined to grab a bottle of vodka every now and then. The sponsor of his ex-team McLaren-Mercedes, Johnnie Walker, should therefore not have been unhappy that at a PR event against drink-driving, Lewis Hamilton, who was a little more credible in this matter, was put in front of the cart. On the occasion, Hamilton and Mika Häkkinen inaugurated a simulator that clearly shows the consequences of being under the influence of alcohol at the wheel.

Finally, we still have the list of celebrities who happened to come across us - without claiming to be exhaustive: Boris Becker, rapper P. Diddy, a friend of Lewis Hamilton, David Howell Evans from U2, the footballers Sami Hyypia and Patrick Owomoyela , Singer Cliff Richard, rally stars Sébastien Loeb, Henning and Petter Solberg, motorcycle world champion Casey Stoner and rally legend Ari Vatanen.

And we dedicate the very last lines of the longest tabloid revue in the history of '' to the unsung heroes of Monaco: No, not Adrian Sutil, who was very unlucky in the race, but those ten divers who are constantly on Be on call in case a car should crash into the sea.No joke, but tough racing reality: in 1955 Alberto Ascari had to be rescued by frogmen like that after a crash!