How can I earn 250 euros quickly

I need money?! - 10 Ways To Make Money Fast come

Sometimes you are in a fix and think: “I urgently need money, no matter how!”. It can happen very quickly that you make bad decisions. So that you don't have to overdraw your account or borrow money, here is this article for you. Read on for 10 ways to make money fast.


  • Earn more than 30€ right after registration
  • Payout within from 24h by Paypal or bank transfer
  • Simple step-by-step instructions

1. Waiters

You can find a waiter job in pretty much any city, which is why it's so good on this list. Alternatively, you can choose a job in a café, the main thing is that you get tips every day. In the best case, your employer also offers a daily payment. So you can get your salary straight away every day at the end of your shift.

But tipping alone is a great thing. Because this means you will certainly have cash at the end of each working day that you can spend. Depending on where you work, it will be higher or smaller. If you work in a normal café, you might get 10 euros a day.

However, if you earn your money in a top hotel, you can also earn 50 euros or more per day. The same goes for restaurants, where many bankers and entrepreneurs eat. Because they can deduct the tip from the tax and are thus more likely to give a little more.

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2. Sell clothes

The second-hand fashion market is gigantic. So if you need money quickly, give it a try, most of us have way too many clothes anyway. If you want, you can also ask your friends if they have old clothes that they no longer need. Because more often than you think they would otherwise end up in a used clothes container.

Suitable platforms for this are classic Ebay classified ads, but also the Facebook marketplace, Facebook groups or clothing circles. This site specializes in things. Here you always have the option to add buyer protection to your purchase.

There are really good financial prospects with this method. To be successful, it is important that you take excellent photos. It's best to take a bunch of photos. Hanging, dressed and photographed individually. This is how you increase your sales opportunities.

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3. Instant payout jobs

We already touched on that above, it's about getting your money right after work. Some employers offer you this option. Otherwise, you can expect an immediate payout, especially for small jobs.

It is worth mentioning moves, inventories, but also other small jobs that people put on the Internet or in the newspaper. Ebay Classifieds is still a great website for such jobs. She is the best known and is therefore also the best place to go.

You can often find what you are looking for in Facebook groups. Maybe it also helps if you write in the group in your city: "I need money, does someone have something I could help out with?" A few mocking comments may come back, but this is sure to give you one or two tips.

4. Tester hero: earn money today - tomorrow on the account

We at Testerheld stand behind you when you think: “I need money”. With our platform you can become a product tester and earn money quickly from home. The whole thing is free and Testerheld is a company from Germany.

You can earn between € 4 and € 20 money online with the product tests. All in all, orders are currently available for around € 200 and a cashback program that you can use to get money back when shopping online. These can be app, website or service tests.

You can withdraw your credit from € 30 via bank transfer or € 35 via PayPal. The transfer order will then be initiated within 1-3 days so that the money is with you quickly.

In a few minutes you can earn € 10 with the tests and in less than two hours you have reached the withdrawal limit. Try it today and see what amount will come about.

Help, I need money fast !? The decision criteria

The most important criterion was of course the payout duration. Because if I think to myself: “I need money right now” then I cannot wait three weeks until I have the money in my hands. You can often earn a few euros on the same day using the methods here. The longest payout period is around 1 week, which is still acceptable for many people.

In addition, the earning potential has also been incorporated. If you have the opportunity to earn € 5 or € 50 in the short term, the latter is clearly ahead. Because this saves you the overdraft facility of your bank in case of doubt.

Last but not least, the availability of the offers also plays a role. The possibilities should be easy to find in your area. It makes little sense to include things in the list that, for example, depend on the season or only work in certain regions.

The mentions here in the list are not ordered according to a specific criterion. However, we have always left a note for you with the particularly recommended options.

5. Donate blood or plasma

With a blood or plasma donation, you can earn something quickly. Actually, it is legally clarified that no money may be given as payment in return for a blood donation. That's why it was cleverly resolved so that you can still make money. You will get an expense allowance for your time.

If you plan to make your first donation, find out in advance how the payment works. For example, you will not receive any allowance from the DRK, but only donate to a good cause. When you make your first donation, you usually don't get any compensation.

Because here only a sample is taken first, which is then examined. If everything goes well and the doctors cannot find any negative clues in your blood, then you can start earning money from the next donation.

6. Make money with apps

Apps are a great way to turn “I need money” into “no more problems”. Because through the apps you can get so-called micro jobs. These are very small orders, for example taking photos of a product in the supermarket or taking a consultation at a pharmacy.

The providers of these apps are numerous. Well-known companies are Streetspotr and also Appjobber, although you will find jobs for both mainly in larger cities. If you live in a small village, this option is unfortunately not suitable for you.

Usually only a cell phone is required for the jobs. The payment per order is between 1 and 20 euros, always depending on the complexity. The apps state that you can create up to 20 jobs per day. If there is a sufficient supply of jobs here, you can earn quite a bit more. Payouts usually take place within 7-10 days.

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7. BlaBlaCar and car sharing

If you have your own car, you can make money from it. By offering rides on BlaBlaCar, you can satisfy the search for a ride and earn money with it. These can either be trips that you already drive regularly or extra tours just for BlaBlaCar.

So you could see which tours are in demand and offer a ride on them. You may have to do some research to do this, but if you need money urgently, this is a good option. However, the profit margins are rather low and it is only worthwhile if you can also organize a return trip.

Therefore, if possible, you should only monetize the trips that you are already driving. Then you can simply always take one or two people with you and there is a steady flow of gasoline money. The payment is made no later than 48 hours after the journey, with PayPal even immediately after you request the payment.

8. Sell your own things

We have already explained to you above how you can make money with your clothes. Of course, this also works with everything else. Because everyone has something at home that they can part with. It is always better to help yourself than to have to borrow money.

Ebay classifieds and the normal Ebay are the platforms par excellence for sales. Here you can create beautiful, detailed descriptions of the items and insert great photos. You don't necessarily have to write: “I need money”, you can mention that you no longer use the Playstation, for example.

To find out the current prices on Ebay, it is helpful if you select “Items sold” under options. Then you really only see the prices that people are willing to pay. Also try to always offer your buyers a good service, because the reviews on Ebay are your figurehead.


  • Earn more than 30€ right after registration
  • Payout within from 24h by Paypal or bank transfer
  • Simple step-by-step instructions

9. Extra

As an extra, you play a role in a commercial, film, or series. The role is admittedly quite small, so you're basically just a human prop. Nevertheless, you will be well rewarded for it, often right after the shoot.

You can get such extra jobs easily via portals such as Jobwrk, Stagepool and There you can create a profile and apply directly to advertised advertisements. Sometimes the platform will write to you directly if your profile fits the target group.

If you want to earn a lot of money, it is worth filling out your profile as well as possible. 50 € or more for a few hours of shooting are not uncommon for such jobs. If you need money quickly, then take a look at these portals to see if there are suitable jobs in your area.

10. Give tutoring

For those who say “I need money”, “tutoring” is usually a helpful answer. After all, anyone who is reasonably good at a subject and is keen to explain something to someone can give tutoring. And tutoring is always needed as long as there are schools.

If you feel like it, then give it a try at the local tutoring school. They are usually happy to have additional tutors and this gives you the opportunity to make some money. Another method is to run classified ads and Facebook or to post in groups on Ebay.

The advantage is that you can negotiate your wages yourself with the parents. Depending on your negotiating skills, you can get up to € 20 per hour. The prerequisite, of course, is that you do a good job and, ideally, produce results. Then the kids will be happy to help and nothing stands in the way of your success.

It is possible to make money quickly!

As you can see, there are some methods that you can use to make money in the short term and avoid taking on debt. Some of them can be carried out completely offline, such as waiters or blood donations, others do not work without the Internet.

One method that is easy to implement is selling your own things. This allows you to muck out and create space for new things. We also recommend our Testerheld platform. Here you can comfortably earn up to € 200 from home and have it paid out to you within a short time via PayPal or bank transfer.

frequently asked Questions

How do I get money without having to take out a loan?

Glad you asked that question. Because when you borrow money through loans, a Schufa entry is created every time. Should you then fall into arrears with a payment, this has negative consequences for your creditworthiness. With the methods presented above, you can avoid this and take your luck into your own hands.

How do I get 300 euros?

300 euros sounds like a large sum, especially if the account is empty. But just with the product tests on Testerheld you can earn 200 euros. If you then combine that with another method, e.g. B. a blood donation and a few micro jobs, then you have the 300 euros together in no time!

How can I get money right away?

If you really need money “right now” then borrowing is the quickest method. Make sure, however, that you borrow the money from someone who does not cause you any problems with it. So no banks, but rather very good friends or your parents.

Otherwise, you can quickly make money by selling things that are in demand, donating plasma and doing spontaneous jobs on Ebay classifieds. Tester hero is also a suitable option, provided you have 2 - 4 days.

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