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STEAG Energy Services Energy at a glance!


1 STEAG Energy Services Focus on energy!

2 power plant locations in Germany and worldwide With decades of experience Weiher Fenne Walsum Lünen Herne Voerde Bergkamen Bexbach 724 MW 466 MW 560 MW 507 MW 960 MW MW 780 MW 773 MW on new paths in the energy business. Leuna Cologne-Godorf Termopaipa Iskenderun Mindanao Walsum 162 MW equ. 211 MW equ. 165 MW MW 232 MW. 790 MW under construction Short profile Energy Services 2

3 STEAG Energy Services at a glance We meet all the needs of power plant operators with first-class service and innovative products. STEAG Energy Services Schweiz GmbH Zurich, Switzerland founded in 2011 Employees: 6 STEAG Energy Services LLC Kings Mountain, USA Sales: 14.2 million Employees: 48 STEAG Energy Services GmbH Essen, Herne, Gelsenkirchen, Zwingenberg Sales: 80.1 million employees : 329 OPUS Personaldienstleistungen GmbH Sales: 8.6 million Employees: 115 STEAG Ensida Energy Services Ltd. Ankara, Turkey founded in 2011 Employees: 6 Santiago de Chile STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Ltda. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Sales: 5.2 million Employees: 37 Johannesburg, South Africa STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt Ltd. Noida, India Sales: 24.5 million Employees: 655 Headquarters Subsidiary Operating facilities / branch As of 2011 Brief profile Energy Services 3

4 STEAG Energy Services Group Heading (Level 1, 20 pt) Subheading (Level 2, 17 pt) Continuous text (Level 3, 17 pt) List (Level 4, 17 pt) Sales EUR 132.6 million Employees Figures 2011 Indented list ( Level 5, max. At PowerPoint 2003, 15 pt) STEAG Energy Services Nuclear Technologies Energy Technologies Plant Services System Technologies Planning, construction, decommissioning and removal of nuclear facilities Planning, construction supervision and commissioning of energy-technical systems Operational management of power plants, control and acceptance measurements, Catalyst management and regeneration, personnel services, training in energy management systems, operational management systems, communications technology, site IT brief profile Energy Services 4

5 Organization Management Board Dr. Schiele (CEO), von Heesen, Dr. Wolf von Heesen Dr. Schiele (CEO) Dr. Wolf Nuclear Technologies Schröder Nuclear Engineering Nuclear I&C / Electrical Systems Nuclear International Decommissioning & Dismantling Nuclear Physics Energy Technologies Dr. Benesch Civil Engineering Electrical I & C Plant and Process Engineering Project Management QA / QC System Technologies Hay Communication Technologies Energy Management Systems ICT Operation Management Product Development Sales Sales Commercial Department Commercial Project Execution Plant Services Nietzschmann Operation & Maintenance Opus Personaldienstleistungen Testing Services Training Schmukal Commercial Project Management / Shareholding Management Project Controlling / Subsidiaries Subsidiaries STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Ltda. 100% STEAG Energy Services (India), Pvt. Ltd. 100% STEAG Energy Services Schweiz GmbH 100% STEAG Energy Services, LLC (USA) 100% OPUS Personaldienstleistungen GmbH 100% STEAG Ensida Energy Services Ltd. 90% Marketing Fricke Internat. Business Development Brief Profile Energy Services Schierenbeck 5

6 Engineering Energy Technologies 140 employees * Nuclear Technologies 96 employees * Plant and Process Engineering Nuclear Engineering Civil Engineering Nuclear I&C / Electrical Systems Electrical I&C Nuclear Physics Nuclear International / Decommissioning & Dismantling Concepts, Studies Project Management Basic Engineering Tendering, Approval Planning General Contractor, Delivery of Components Nuclear Projects * thereof 45 freelance workers * thereof 52 freelance workers Construction supervision Commissioning Brief portrait of Energy Services 6

7 Internal Energy Technologies projects in Walsum 10 Planning and new construction of KW Voerde Modernization of the Crucea North control room Support as Owner s Engineer HKW Herne Support of HD module replacement Brief profile Energy Services 7

8 projects Energy Technologies external Lausward, Düsseldorf Planning for the construction of a CCGT plant Infraserv, Frankfurt Planning, construction and monitoring of a waste recycling plant Parnaíba, Brazil Planning and implementation of a CCGT plant Ibbenbüren Process quality monitoring system Brief portrait Energy Services 8

9 projects Nuclear Technologies Urenco GmbH Construction of a tail and feed storage facility Nuclear submarine repository Interim storage facility Germany Vitrification facility Karlsruhe Vitrification facility China Brief portrait Energy Services 9

10 Plant Services Plant Services 198 Employees Operation & Maintenance Testing Services Training OPUS Personaldienstleistungen GmbH Recruiting Training Control and acceptance measurements Catalyst regeneration Commissioning Operation + maintenance Revisions Brief profile Energy Services 10

11 Plant Services Operation & Maintenance Rades II 471 MW El Kureimat MW ONGC 30 MW CSA Sepetiba 480 MW Afam V / VI 900 MW Haldia 116 MW Vedanta MW Canoas 160 MW Santa Maria I, 350 MW Ikot Abasi 540 MW Hazira 156 MW Goa 30 MW Agua del Cajón 680 MW Brief portrait Energy Services 11

12 Plant Services Testing Services Accredited test laboratory and inspection body for power plants and industrial plants Main focus: Acceptance measurements Control and emission measurements Determination of catalyst activity using a bench reactor Catalyst service (SCR catalyst management and regeneration) Thermography Machine technology Coal dust distribution Flue gas cleaning Catalyst test bench Sound measurement Boiler technology Brief profile Energy Services 12

13 Plant Services Training Training of power plants Egypt, GIZ: introduction of dual training system China, GIZ: training of power plant managers Syria, Siemens: training of the workforce of 2 CCGT plants India, GIZ (IGEN II): training of power plant engineers of coal-fired power plants Greece, Edison Engineering SA: Training of the workforce of a combined cycle plant in Libya, GECOL: Training of power plant personnel in Brazil, MPX: Training of power plant personnel in Brazil and at German STEAG locations Platzhalter Bild Platzhalter Bild Brief portrait Energy Services 13

14 OPUS Personaldienstleistungen GmbH Operating personnel Power plant foreman Power planter supply and disposal Repair staff Technician Master craftsman Technical support Engineers Master technician Craftsman Commercial clerk Portfolio: Personnel placement / personnel leasing Personnel advice Qualification / training and further education OPUS has permission to lease workers in accordance with the German Temporary Employment Act! Training as a power plant operator Brief portrait of Energy Services 14

15 System Technologies System Technologies 106 employees Energy Management Systems Operation Management Systems Site IT Energy Communication Technologies Optimized driving style Computer-aided operation + maintenance Early damage detection Fire alarm systems + Telephony Directional radio + digital commercial radio Brief profile Energy Services 15

16 Energy Management Systems EBSILON cycle calculation program 500 licenses worldwide in 19 countries Brief profile of Energy Services 16

17 Energy Management Systems Statistical process control (SPC) Statistical process control Analysis of operational measurements for early damage detection and process quality monitoring Y FRL (03 / 08-02 / 09) Example: Unbalance of a fresh fan KPI (08 / 08-02 / 09) Brief portrait of Energy Services 17

18 Operation Management Systems RFID / SI Optimal support for operational management through process networking with SI activation and recurring measures with RFID Brief portrait of Energy Services 18

19 Communication Technologies senet senet - the digital corporate radio With the digital corporate radio network senet, professional users in the Ruhr area are for the first time provided with a safe and powerful digital radio. senet combines the advantages of modern voice and data transmission with the specific functions of corporate radio and security technology. (300 internal subscribers, external subscribers) senet supply area Operation of microwave links Operation of the telephone system Telephone service Brief profile Energy Services 19

20 shareholdings STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Headquarters: Noida Sales 2011: 24.5 million Employees: 655 STEAG Energy Services (India) offers engineering services for the modernization and construction of power plants. The company provides operational management services for thermal power plants and waste treatment plants, and develops specific software solutions for energy management systems in cooperation with the System Technologies division. Main focus: Engineering Engineering services for the modernization and construction of thermal power plants Plant Services - Operation and maintenance of power plants - Testing Services - Training measures System Technologies Development of specific software solutions for energy management systems, configuration and service Haldia Brief portrait Energy Services 20

21 Participations STEAG Energy Services LLC, USA Headquarters: Kings Mountain, North Carolina Sales 2011: 14.2 million Employees: 48 In the USA, Energy Services markets the division's environmental expertise and offers catalyst management services for SCR reactors (selective catalytic reduction) , and operates the most modern catalyst regeneration plant in the world. In addition, the range of services also includes advice as well as system optimization and retrofitting. Main focus: catalyst regeneration basic idea from Power Inland - license from Integral - own further development LPA-Screens Patented filter, developed in the Voerde power plant engineering consulting and planning in the environmental technology area regeneration plant Brief portrait Energy Services 21

22 Participations in STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro Sales 2011: 5.2 million Employees: 37 Growing industrial production and increasing prosperity have caused the demand for energy to rise sharply. That is the approach of STEAG Energy Services do Brasil, which has been represented in Brazil since 1974. STEAG Energy Services offers operational management and engineering services there and makes an important contribution from the concept to construction management and subsequent operation to ensure that the energy balance in Brazil keeps pace with the requirements of a rapidly growing economic power. Main focus of services: - Operations management - Services in the classic engineering core areas Canoas Brief portrait Energy Services * Stand

23 Wind energy Objective: Development of a portfolio of wind projects in Europe and Turkey, where the current main focus is Partnership with the wind farm developer Germania Windpark GmbH Our expertise includes: Technical and commercial project development including - micrositing and basic layout - grid connection - financial models and Feasibility studies Project financing (internal and external financing) Project planning and purchase Construction and commissioning Operation & maintenance (including innovative control systems) Brief profile of Energy Services 23

24 Solar thermal Solar thermal power generation (CSP Concentrating Solar Power) Solar topping = coupling of CSP systems to existing power plants Main focus: site-specific studies for solar topping / stand-alone meteo data, power plant and storage concepts Technical planning, tendering, construction supervision Operational management of solar thermal projects Investments in solar thermal projects Cooperation in the Evonik Degussa project house Evonik is an associated partner of the Desertec Initiative for operational optimization through simulation software (EbsSolar) In cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), ES developed a solar library (EbsSolar) Brief portrait Energy Services 24