Why does business need Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram: Two picture networks in comparison

Even if Pinterest does not have as high a number of users as Instagram, the online picture service is still convincing. Thanks to the pin boards, which you can create in unlimited numbers and individually assign "pins", group yoursPictures thematicallyto present them to users. The target group should be taken into account: unlike Instagram, you are mainly dealing with foreign contacts. There are also big differences in the quality of the images: Although private photos are not necessarily perceived as annoying, the main focus of Pinterest is on professional, high-quality images. This manifests itself, for example, in the fact that you do not have any tools available for image processing, because you have to do this task in advance. You can upload your pictures both via the app and directly via the browser on any desktop PC.

It is not possible to upload videos, but all kinds of links can be included in your posts. So you can not only make useful or entertaining YouTube videos but also Link your website or webshop - In the best case scenario, you generate direct traffic with your posts. Embedding your posts in other social networks or your website is - in contrast to Instagram - unfortunately not that easy with Pinterest: You must first generate the embed code from the URL of your post using the Widget Builder before you can use it. You can also advertise on Pinterest for a fee. The so-called “Promoted Pins”, which are specifically presented to other users, are, however, a very expensive affair.