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  • Sandra R.wrote on January 22nd, 2007:
    In my opinion the best game for many participants.
    A mixture of activity and hippopotamus, the players compete in 4 categories:
    WordWorm (e.g. spelling backwards, guessing meanings), CreativeCat (making a vacuum cleaner out of plasticine or painting a carrier pigeon blindfolded), DataHead (rumor mill or guessing facts correctly) and StarPerformer (imitating celebrities, humming songs or miming a magic carpet): -)
    Really brings a lot of fun to the group!
  • Marit M.wrote on July 5th, 2010:
    Cranium is one of the funniest board games I know.
    It's very varied and great fun with lots of people.
    The Club Cranium cards make the game even more extravagant, as all teams play in this round.
    Full points!
  • Christian P.wrote on 03/22/2010:
    great fun when the right round is together.
  • Sven S.wrote on May 8th, 2009:
    Cranium is by far the best active game ever !!! It covers all areas you could wish for. Guessing, knowledge, kneading, drawing, pantomime, humming, imitation, word construction, etc.pp. An absolute competitive game in family and friends. Laughter and fun are guaranteed. Big thumbs up.
  • Lutz S.wrote on 11/25/2007:
    Cranium is the next activity dimension ^^ This is how cihd would describe the game. It's really great. You can practically form teams of any size and they compete against each other. The different categories really contain something for everyone. Imitate, pantomime, sketch, jigsaw puzzle, bust it to leave the purple brains behind ^^
    And above all, they start a mass event when a Club Cranium card is drawn. My copy has been played many times, but the only flaw is the plasticine that has crystallized after a few years. I’ll be brewing new ones.
  • Jörg K.wrote on May 21, 2006:
    Finally something other than taboo and outburst!
    A lot of play options (including with modeling clay). Depending on the question, the clock also brings momentum to the round! However, we don't like the game board that much (a matter of taste). Game is still recommended!
  • Markus P.wrote on November 6, 2010:
    Cranium brings a lot of swing into every party round. The different types of tasks guarantee fun and variety. There is a large number of cards available so that you can enjoy them for a long time. After a while, however, the putty dried out so that it became crumbly. But it can easily be replaced.
  • Caroline K.wrote on May 15, 2008:
    A must-have for game evenings in larger groups. Team against team. Simply great
  • Silke P.wrote on 01/26/2006:
    My respect for the inventor! The clique is absolutely thrilled, and so am I, of course. A full 6 points for endless fun!
  • Richard M.wrote on January 5th, 2006:
    A nice idea in and of itself! A kind of meaningfully extended activity that can be a lot of fun in a large game of games. I especially like that Club Cranium tasks (those that all teams are allowed to do) have to be done separately by each team.
    The weak points from my point of view: The game instructions are very poor. The imitation tasks in particular suffer from this, because with the existing rules of the game it is very easy to deceive the basic idea and to point to the celebrity with a clever choice of words without imitating him. The possibility of mastering a quarter of the playing field with just one throw of the dice often creates an element of luck that is too high. In my opinion, individual tasks should be given more than an hourglass. If a game round agrees on additional rules, these weak points can also be compensated for.
    Allegedly, the state expenditures are nowhere near the same level, both in terms of the quality of the questions and tips and in terms of the difficulty of the questions and tasks.
  • Angela W.wrote on January 3rd, 2006:
    After Tabu the absolutely funnest party game of all time !!!!!!!
  • Christin A.wrote on December 27, 2005:
    Since Christmas now also in our games cupboard. A great mix of activity, outburst and whatever they are called. But the great thing: even in larger "rounds" you never get bored here. I can only recommend it!
  • Ulrike S.wrote on January 19th, 2005:
    Since I got this game as a gift, we can't get enough of it. It's always funny and the mood of the game rises from minute to minute. Until the end there are always surprises.
  • Inga B.wrote on 09/15/2004:
    Cranium is a great (and expensive) game with a lot of possibilities. It is also suitable for older people, as the tasks, questions, etc. are quite demanding. However, you should only play Cranium with people who like creative drawing, pantomime and humming songs and who are not embarrassed about being laughed at.
  • Sandra S.wrote on 08/08/2004:
    Great game, with difficulties but to be solved. After the first game, the clay stuck terribly, but an email to Jumbo and I got a free replacement! Great game, a bit more expensive but definitely worth it

    Have fun playing
  • Christoph F.wrote on 07/13/2009:
    Cranium is THE game for great game evenings with friends, especially when there are a few more.
    The rules are quickly explained, the game is beautifully colorful, the disciplines are all very different and there is something for everyone.
    Only the Club Cranium cards are sometimes a bit strange, but every playgroup can handle them however they want.
    The only disadvantage: The knowledge questions in particular are unfair when you play multiple games, as you usually still have the solutions in your head. Even within the same play group you knead e.g. same terms always similar, but that is no different with taboo etc. The modeling clay also becomes unusable over time, but you can buy a replacement at the local craft store.

    When there are new guests, the game is always brought out.
    I'm looking forward to the new edition with new cards.
  • Friedrich S.wrote on 04/14/2007:
    Cranium is a game that can provide fun and atmosphere, especially in mixed-age groups (but not only there) (from 10 years).
  • Stefan K.wrote on January 28, 2007:
    Cranium is a very well done party game! With the four areas of word puzzles, pantomime, knowledge and drawing, you get an extremely varied game that is absolutely worth the price. The included cards guarantee the best entertainment for a few evenings!
  • Ruth M.wrote on 04/15/2006:
    Varied and diverse
  • Anett U.wrote on December 8th, 2005:
    Personally, I didn't like Cranium that much. It comes very close to the activity, but you soon get through it quickly and know the cards. Things like word puzzles or knowledge tests are soon known and due to the often possible free choice of topics, there is no long-term motivation.
  • M. S.wrote on October 3rd, 2005:
    The purchase of this game was really worth it, despite the price. A real fun game where you can laugh a lot. Mime, artistic skill (modeling with clay, drawing with open and closed eyes), brain teasers (spelling out words or answering tricky questions) and humming songs help a team to victory. A nice, relaxed game that is a lot of fun in a nice round. A good change from a strategy game on a game night.
  • Benjamin H.wrote on January 6th, 2005:
    This game is THE party game par excellence, because it makes every day / night a real enrichment.
    Because you are not only animated to laugh by funny inserts from friends / relatives / acquaintances, you also have to think along at the same time.
    Whether you become an artist on the block, with your hands and feet or with the clay - the entertainment value is simply great!

    So if you are looking for a game for 6 to ... how many can fit around the table ... then this is exactly the right thing
  • Sylvia K.wrote on 07/19/2004:
    A great party game that also requires brains. In contrast to activity, very variable tasks are more exciting. Unfortunately, the dough was no longer usable after the first few games because it stuck. Overall a nice fun game but too expensive.
  • verena B.wrote on June 17th, 2004:
    Cranium- is a very funny board game. The artistic streak is awakened every time, be it kneading or painting. The gray cells are also used quite a bit in the word salad. Unfortunately there are also cards where famous personalities are queried, better said you should represent them with a pantomine and if you don't know them then you have problems. Problems could also arise with the humming or whistling of songs, if one is not familiar with them, since one does not hear such music. Conclusion: only recommended for people who can lose and who enjoy playing.
  • Markus G.wrote on 04/30/2004:
    With this game we have already spent a lot of fun hours. Is basically a mix of \ 'Activity \' and the \ 'Hippo ... \' games. Conclusion: It's really fun with the right people!

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