So Tom Brady will get another ring

Super bowl : Tom Brady is the Lord of the Rings

Brandon Spikes recently told a telling story from his time with the New England Patriots. After a strong season in the US National Football League (NFL), the defender did not make the leap into the "Pro Bowl"; the invitation to the all-star game in Hawaii is a great honor and also a contributor to market value. So Spikes was in the locker room, torn between anger and disappointment. "I had tears in my eyes. A few colleagues tried to cheer me up, "Sports Illustrated magazine quoted the ex-professional as saying.

Then a man walked into the room whom Spikes had given a wonderful nickname given his role on the team: the Pharaoh. And said Pharaoh, real name Tom Brady, said: “Brandon, do you think I'll play this game to go to the Pro Bowl? Pull yourself together! Heads up! We're trying to win rings. That's how it works here with us. ”The championship ring - in the USA it is a gold-plated, diamond-decorated reminder of a great sporting success. And Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, whom everyone just calls Tom, is in a sense the Lord of the Rings.

The 41-year-old has already won five NFL titles in his long career; With his fifth championship, Brady has already overtaken the legendary Joe Montana, who has long been considered the best quarterback in history. Including the finals in February 2019, Brady has nine Super Bowl appearances. He alone has played more finals than any other NFL club outside of Boston. On the night of Monday (from 0.30 a.m. live on ProSieben) Brady can now fill half a dozen. Then the New England Patriots will meet the second finalist in Atlanta: the Los Angeles Rams.

It comes full circle for Brady

With the bookmakers, the Patriots are considered a slight favorite. Measured against their own demands, they played a rather mixed season (eleven wins, five defeats). When it really mattered, in the much-cited “Crunch Time”, the team could rely on the class of their playmaker. As always with Brady

For the man from the US state of California, the 53rd Super Bowl will also come full circle. Brady won his first championship 17 years ago against the Rams, which were then based in St. Louis and have now moved to the West Coast. Brady was a nobody at the time who only got his chance through the injury of the regular quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

In the annual talent selection (draft), the Patriots had signed him as a substitute for the substitute; he went over the counter in the sixth lap in position 199, shortly before the end of the month. Or to put it another way: In 2000 alone, the massive scouting departments of the NFL clubs found 198 players better than Brady. In retrospect, you have to say: They were rarely so wrong.

As obsessed as Gollum

Brady, on the other hand, was convinced of himself from day one. Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, has now told the story of the first meeting umpteen times. “When we signed him, he came to me and said: Mister Kraft, that was the best decision you have ever made. You won't regret it, ”says Kraft.

Many thought Brady was vain, arrogant, megalomaniac. In the following years, however, he was always to fulfill his part of the bargain confidently: After defeating the Rams in 2002, he developed into an undisputed regular and leading player, in 2004, 2005, 2015 and 2017 he threw the Patriots further championships. The Super Bowl two years ago is still considered the biggest catch-up in football history on the largest possible stage: In the middle of the third quarter Brady's team was 3:28 behind the Atlanta Falcons, a supposedly hopeless deficit. In the end, New England won - 34:28 after extra time. So Brady knows how to do it, he's seen almost everything in 19 NFL years.

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, the star quarterback sat on a podium with his LA counterpart, Rams playmaker Jared Goff. Brady was asked by the moderator what tips he could possibly give the 17-year-old colleague before his first final. He could easily have answered charmingly, instead he just said: “I won't give him a tip!” The Lord of the Rings, he is still as obsessed as Gollum in the Hollywood film of the same name, even at the advanced age of 41.

Brady should still explain how big the chance of retirement is in the event of a sixth title. He answered with one word: "Zero!"

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