What is croscarmellose sodium

Croscarmellose sodiumAuxiliary materialsDisintegrantsCelluloses The croscarmellose sodium is the sodium salt of a partial O-carboxymethylated and cross-linked cellulose. It swells on contact with water and is contained in many tablets as a disintegrant.

synonym: Carmellosum natricum conexum, Croscarmellose sodium, E 468


The croscarmellose sodium is contained as an excipient in medicines, especially in tablets.

Structure and properties

The croscarmellose sodium is the sodium salt of a partial O-carboxymethylated, cross-linked cellulose. It is available as a white to gray-white, hygroscopic powder that is practically insoluble in water.


The croscarmellose sodium swells with water.

application areas

The croscarmellose sodium is usually used in tablets as a disintegrant.

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