Language learning becomes easier

Why children learn languages ​​faster and easier

You want to start with your child (s) To learn languagesand you are still looking for a suitable way to give him / them fun and bring them closer to the new language without pressure?

Here are our top 3 motivational tips for learning languages ​​for children:

1. Use strengths
Every child has certain topics that they are interested in and that is where their strengths arise. Likewise, everyone has weaknesses. These do not have to refer to an entire school subject. It is possible that a child may be reluctant to learn vocabulary, but will enjoy speaking or reading a language. Therefore our tip: concentrate on your strengths.

Tell your child what they are particularly good at and praise them. Orient yourself in the exercises that you do together on the strengths of your child (s).

2. The right place to study
The place of study can influence your child's motivation. Many experts recommend that a child should always study in the same place. In the best case scenario, the place should be associated with positive experiences. Negative experiences in certain places can also have a negative impact on learning. There are several options for determining the right place to learn:

One possibility would be to observe your child and find out in which room he feels most comfortable and likes to spend a lot of time. Or you simply ask your child where they would most like to learn. Perhaps your child feels most productive in a place that you would never choose as a place of learning yourself.

3. Learning together
Not only the location is decisive - it is just as important who goes there with your child to study. Children don't like to be alone. This is noticeable, for example, when they do not do their homework alone in the children's room or when they stop after a short time.

That is why we advise you to learning together. You can watch videos with your child, read a story or take a children's language course. Our are suitable for this Voice showersespecially good, as they take place on an auditory basis and children, especially ages 3-6, can learn best in this way.