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In our shop you will find offers from leisure time Crossbow shooting sport. Of the Pistol crossbow about the Compound crossbow up to Recurve crossbow. Our range also includes all accessories for the Crossbow sport. Since the offer is quite large and you are often spoiled for choice, we have briefly summarized the advantages and disadvantages of recurve and compound crossbows to make your decision a little easier.

Recurve crossbow

It is the simpler construction of the crossbows. With the crossbow, as with the bow, recurve means that the tips of the bow are bent back in the relaxed state. It impresses with its simple construction: shaft, bow, string and trigger. It is easy to repair and change tendons, and it is larger than the compound crossbow. The arch is usually made of plastic, metal or wood. However, the recurve crossbow is not as precise as the compound, because the arrow reaches the maximum of the bow performance immediately after being released.

Compound crossbow

It is very compact and combines the most modern technology. It is also lighter than the recurve crossbow. It is more precise and has less to contend with natural vibrations. In addition, it transmits more speed, power and power. The disadvantage is that the string cannot be changed so easily, as a bow press is required for this. However, tensioning the tendon is easier than with other models. However, it is also more expensive.

Compound or Recurve Crossbow?

Compound crossbows are more compact, efficient, precise and smaller. However, they are also more expensive and repairs and replacing the tendon are not that easy. Recurve crossbows are good for beginners. They are large, simply constructed, and easy to use. Repairs and changing the tendon are easy here. Regardless of what you choose, it is important that you can handle the crossbow well yourself and that it suits you.

In the shop we offer you the following crossbow assortments:

  • Pistol crossbow and bolts for pistol crossbow as well as replacement strings and replacement bows
  • Compound crossbow and the necessary accessories including replacement strings
  • Recurve crossbow including the necessary consumables and spare parts
  • Crossbow bolts, crossbow arrows as well as nocks and arrowheads including broadheads
  • Quivers, bags, sinew wax and targets for crossbows
  • we also offer other accessories
Crossbows may only be sold to people over the age of 18!

In our shop you will find crossbows from these manufacturers:

We value an optimal price / performance ratio Crossbow purchase. That is why we have included models from the following manufacturers.

Convince yourself of the quality of the products and order from us. We are looking forward to your visit.

Which crossbow should I buy?

In answering this question, the first thing that is important to know is what you want to do with the crossbow? Do you just want to buy them for fun, so you can use them to shoot a small target in your garden? Or do you want to get into sport shooting with it?

The next question is Compound Crossbow or Recurve Crossbow? The latter is more suitable for beginners, as the handling and maintenance of recurve crossbows are a little less than that of compound crossbows. The string can also be changed without a bow press. The advantage of compound crossbows clearly lies in the construction-related higher pulling weight and the more compact design.