Why not fire and water get along?


"Don't come too far from me "

Piece description

A piece about closeness - distance - spaces

Thirteen people live, live and work together ... their origins and their requirements are very different, and so are their desires and needs. Some relate to one another like fire and water. But they have to get along - or not ...

They meet again and again, intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes the big rendezvous is waited for, sometimes in vain, sometimes there are completely unexpected encounters. The rooms in which they take place are only hinted at. The basic feelings and emotions of those involved come to the fore all the more.

It becomes clear that those involved have an am-bivalent relationship to “spaces”, to closeness and distance. Some isolate themselves, lock themselves in, although at the same time there is a great longing for contact and closeness: What we love most scares us most.

Life is full of contradictions. The consequences are fatal: Outwardly, those involved appear friendly, behind the scenes - in the private as well as in the public sector - exclusion and bullying take place. There are perpetrators and victims, but on the other hand the thirteen people are such that the roles are by no means always clear.

But above all: Exclusion and bullying are mere valves that cannot resolve tensions in the long term. On the contrary: these increase to the point of unbearable until the inevitable "explosion" occurs. Triggered by the fact that one of the parties simply can no longer stand it.

Of course, there is also attraction, fascination and dynamism from the start: “new spaces” open up, especially where it is least expected. And that's why it is the story of the thirteen people is also an exciting one, leads through all the ups and downs, does not give the viewer a classic happy ending, but also gives hope.



Pia Dimitrikos, Casual workerMartina Mayer
Katharina Cavalla, Opera singerIsabella Katz
Peter Holzwarth, EntrepreneurSiegfried Wagmann
Mrs. Johanna, Hotel specialistHilde Striebel
Kate Lindemann, stewardessMonika Maurer
Marie Maili, Student (32nd semester)Sabine Lowien
Mrs. Maja, "Ease!"Claudia Heske
Ingrid Primel, currently not busyUlrike Schley
Lilly Robert, dancerSandra Nikolai
Max Schulz, facility managerChristoph Fischer
Felix Sunshine, ArtistStefan Birk
Ulli Streif, Television technicianAurelia Clenet
Manfred Wesen, BooksellerMartin Koenig
UpperWolfgang Kapp
Production Manager:Bertram Goldbach
Director:Wolfgang Kapp
Assistant director, technology:Bernd Supp
Music composition:Sabine Lowien
Photos: Manfred Lowien, artLowien
Duration of the piece:100 minutes plus break