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No. 14 · 3rd W. · 133rd year

Thursday 17th January 2013

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Stolen money and jewelry

Robbers tie up man in sam house

Wadersloh (gl / mag). Two to

three masked men are on

Forced into a Tuesday night

Residential house in the village peasantry

Winkelhorst in Wadersloh-Liesborn

broken into. The intruders

Coach coup

FC Bayern Munich has

the year with am spectacular

Coup started. The

Start coach Pep Guardiola solves

Jupp Heynckes leaves in the summer

and receives an contract until

2016. Sport / Image: dpa

Family disputes

Tönnies complains

against Tönnies

Rheda-Wiedenbrück (be).

Robert Tönnies (35), nephew of


Meat entrepreneur Clemens

Tönnies (56) has a lawsuit against

saFiled n uncle. 2009

had Robert sam uncle an

Five percent share of

given to the meat factory.

The nephew's goal is now to die

Undo donation.


50th anniversary

Celebrate parliaments

Élysée Treaty

Berlin (AFP / dpa). The Bundestag

got in yesterday ar debate

relationships too

France recognized. At the

Tuesday will be 1100 Germans

and French parliamentarians

in Berlin together the

50th anniversary of the signing

Celebrate the Elysée Treaty

and cooperation

of both parliaments.

Commentary / current affairs

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All statements without guarantee

Online survey

H Current question

Is coach Pep Guardiola

at FC Bayern Munich

a guarantee For Title?

Vote under

H Last question

Will cycling change from

the doping scandal

Lance Armstrong recover?

No 67.7%

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linge tied the resident and

searched the building

Money and jewelry.

The crooks pulled him

47-year-olds in the hallway a blanket

over his head and tied him up,

Start in the 2014/2015 school year




Düsseldorf (dpa). On the

Agenda of North Rhine-Westphalia

Prime Minister

Hannelore force (SPD) stands

2013 at the top the common one

Learning disabled and

of non-disabled children. In addition

she spoke in yesterday

Düsseldorf on the U3 expansion,

the development of the labor market

and the energy transition.

As Challenge designated

they the inclusion: The

gradual claim For Disabled person

Children, on ar generalan

School with non-disabled people

learning together will ab

realized in the school year 2014/2015.

The costs are, however

not yet estimated.

NRW is in the process of creating

Care places For Toddlers

according to the assessment of force

on am good way. At the required

144,000 places

NRW close. She promised:

Handball World Cup

Cheers among the German handball players: At the World Cup in Spain, the

Team of coach Martin Heuberber after the 29:21 win against

Montenegro reached the round of 16 ahead of schedule. Sport / Picture: dpa

"Richter accelerator"

Police officers are not allowed to go to the farewell party

Herford (gl). As a "judge gas pedal"

With am heart For Tempo sinner

is Helmut Knöner,

Judge at the district court in Herford,

became known nationwide.

He spoke in the past

more than 40 tempo sinners

free - on the grounds that it is

as the police announced. There

they hurt the resident

light. The men stole

Money as well as jewelry and fled.

The victim could do himself

to free.


"There are ka Cutbacks in the

Standards. ”If the offer

not enough, would have to covenant,

State and municipalities together

look for solutions.

About the shortage of skilled workers

to counteract, students should

the transition into the professional world

if possible without queuing

create. NRW is also “good

prepared ”for the double

High school year, stressed force.

In the energy transition I put the

black and yellow federal government

further only “piecemeal”, criticized

the SPD politician. The

Exemption from the allowance For

Green electricity For energy intensive

Company is right to

their international competitiveness

to secure. As a general rule

need electricity For the consumers

stay affordable.

The state government will be yours

continue economical management,

quit force at. The

household For 2013 sees record spending

of 60 billion euros.

in front.


Invited to the ceremony in

District court are also police officers

the district police authority of Herford.

Their boss, Police Adviser Björn

Brocks, has san employees

now participating during the

Period of service prohibited. As a reason

he calls “the years of experiencea

sufficient legal basis

For the speed measurements

give. With that he has

not exactly in police circles


The goes on Rose Monday

64-year-old Knöner is retiring

–And he would like to celebrate that.

Gorilla baby

First photo session in the Allwetterzoo Münster: gorilla lady Changa-

Maida gave birth to her baby on January 13th. The

Mother holds her Klas, however, so far hardly visibly close to

Body. The nurses could therefore still not clarify whether it was a

Girl or boy is.

Image: dpa

Financial woes

A third of all clinics are in the red

Berlin (dpa). Always more

Hospitals slide into the red.

Around a third of the more than 2000

Clinics in Germany writes

red numbers. The proportion of clinics

with losses rose after

Details of the new hospital

Barometer of the German Hospital Institute

of 21 percent

to 31 percent in 2011.

The internet list ""

illustrates the situation: every day

are reports of closed

Departments or demonstrations

against threatening

Closures published. also

should clinics because of the

Operate more often.

The survey of the hospital institute

shows that the economic situation

despite the clinics

sharply increasing cash expenditure

For Clinical treatments in the

deteriorated in the past few years

Has. Almost 60 percent of the

Hospitals went down in sales

back. Noticeably loud

the study especially the break-ins

in the medium-sized houses

–The proportion of these clinics

Military action

Germany sends

two Transall to Mali

Berlin (dpa). Germany will

soon with two

Transport aircraft at the international

Military action against Islamist

Participate in rebels in Mali.

The two machines

of the Transall type are supposed to be soldiers

from other African countries

in Mali's capital Bamako

bring. The Chancellor announced

Angela Merkel (CDU)

Platzeck takes over chairmanship of the supervisory board

Airport boss sacked

Schönefeld (dpa). The boss of the

Operating company of the scandal airport

Berlin Brandenburg,

Rainer Schwarz has been dismissed


That was what the supervisory board said yesterday

chaired by Matthias

with net income decreased from 75

to 58 percent. Throw the clinics

the cash registers payment delays

and refusals.

The reason given the German

Hospital society politically

wanted billions

Cuts as well as high personnel,

Energy and material cost increases.

yesterday at. The battle area

should the two Bundeswehr

Stay away from vans. Direct

support For the French

Germany provides troops

not at first.

The French army began

yesterday with their ground offensive.

Tanks were on their way

from Bamako towards the north.


Platzeck (SPD) decided.

Platzeck stepped yesterday san items

at. He announced that

because of massive defects ins

A project worth billions of euros

significantly more intense

monitor. Current affairs

practice of the judge Knöner

as well as sa partly presumptuous

Judgments towards


Knöner, meanwhile, takes the announcement

calmly. He wants a lovely

Farewell party with some

long-term companions.

Echo of home

CDU against

higher taxes

The CDU rejects a increase

the commercial and

Property taxes from. The

The parliamentary group wants the budget

only agree if both

Elevations removed

become. That is unanimous


H Gütersloh

Lost life

with music festival

Actually it should a

be a one-time action: that

Festival "baseball rocks"

on the occasion of the folk festival

Lost life. Now he is planning

Baseball club Verl Yaks

a New edition of the three-day


H loss

Bakery helps

Red spark

For the German title fights

the Tanzgarden im

March in Halle have the reds

Spark of support

receive. The Wilhalm bakery

bakes special bread

and cake. A part of

Income is donated.

H Harsewinkel

Picasso Museum

The Chagall show in Picasso

Museum Münster has ended.

Now the restorers are investigating

Sylvain Raybaud (Nice)

and Stephanie Kart (Münster)

the works on eventual

Damage. Culture / Image: Behler


Craft aims at


Munster (gl). "And tomorrow

Master “is the name of the action

the Münster Chamber of Crafts

together with the employment agency

Ahlen-Münster initiated

Has. Dropouts should

in order to Foran job in

Crafts can be won.

Among other things, there is information

about how coursework

in ar training

can be recognized.


In the morning

in the evening



-6° 40 % -3° 50 %

At night

-5° 40 % -6° 50 %


Thursday 17th January 2013


New Years press conference


To the Élysée Treaty

Historic turning point

From our member of the editorial team


The term “historical” is often overused. in the

Connection with the Élysée Treaty, which was established 50 years ago

established the Franco-German friendship,

is he absolutely justified. Stood for centuries

the two neighboring countries are hostile to each other. Of

the wars of liberation against Napoleon over the conflict

from 1870/71 to the two world wars

the relentless rivalry an high blood toll. The

she made a terrible word of enmity

Round. Indeed, the opposition seemed a

Inevitability to have that cannot be broken through

was. That this did succeed lies in the great, yes historical, fact

Merit of the French President

Charles de Gaulle and the German Chancellor Konrad

Adenauer. Both statesmen withdrew from the cruel

War with millions of dead is the only correct consequence

and paved the way to European unification.

Your work is also an obligation For the future. The

Franco-German partnership was already working

once better than now, like the different one

Dealing with the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone

shows. One thing is clear: only when Berlin and Paris come on am

Pulling together, things are moving forward in Europe. Still stands

a deepened political integration with ar common

Economic and financial policy in the EU. These

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President have to do the job

François Hollande tackle when they inherit

Adenauers and de Gaulles want to do justice.

On the Mali mission

Further assistance

From our Berlin correspondent


Berlin sends two Bundeswehr planes

Africa. A little more support than the two troop transports

would certainly have expected Paris. The mini stake,

which the federal government has now announced,

is anything but convincing.

It is most likely the experience in Afghanistan that

makes the German Chancellor hesitate and hesitate. At the

The Hindu Kush had not been expected that the

Fight against the Taliban and For freedom too

more than am would last for a decade.

The Bundeswehr is meanwhile with its numerous

Foreign assignments at the limit. And the one now initiated

Withdrawal from Afghanistan is also likely to be significant logistical

Claim capacities. There are other obligations

to be cautious.

When the French president initially announced briskly

had to end the military intervention quickly

wanting to do so could soon be like in the Hindu Kush

turn out to be a fallacy. At the planned

Training the Malian troops, but also in the event ar

The federal government will expand the conflict

can hardly withdraw from further support,

she does not want, of all things, in the anniversary year of the Franco-German

Friendship For Worry about dissatisfaction.

In focus as Camera eyepieces: NRW Prime Minister Hannelore force (SPD) yesterday in Düsseldorf

at their New Years press conference on their political priorities For 2013 informed. There

she also defended the SPD chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück.

Image: dpa

force represents Steinbrücks

social action out

Düsseldorf (lnw). Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

Hannelore force

(SPD) and SPD candidate for chancellor

Peer Steinbrück know each other well

from the cabinet table in Düsseldorf.

A good ten years ago it started as

NRW head of government, she was sa

Science Minister. today

is the SPD challenger

by Chancellor Angela Merkel

(CDU) with the voter approval

in a dramatic descent again.

force on the other hand, is the most popular

SPD politician in Germany.

That the influential comrade

now publicly to the best of his ability

defended, should do him good.

force is a strategist, chooses hers

Words carefully yesterday at hers

first appearance in 2013 in front of the media

- after her ex-boss with

san utterances a lot of porcelain

has smashed.

To the honorary millionaire Steinbrück

she emphasizes at the New Year's

Press conference: “Someone who is good

earned, can still the interests

represented by people,

who are not doing so well. I deserve

also very good and take

that too For claim me. "

The mother of the country draws in

Image of Steinbrück apart from

Money and numbers, wants to be social

Exposing your face.

You know, "how important it is to him

Are concerns that relate

on the cohesion of ours

Society, ”says the chairwoman

the NRW SPD. He engaged

not because of the money. And:

"If you get to know him personally,

he also loses this point of view,

that sometimes came into being

he would just be the financier. "

Social issues are important to him

and kaswegs new. In the SPD

Steinbrück has a basic program

at the trademark of

preventive welfare state the

Basics worked with.

Actually it was uncomplicated and easy to get along with

Economist out

Mülheim For many desired candidate

in the race for the Chancellery.

But she strictly said no to herself

to prescribe all over NRW. "I

have the North Rhine-Westphalia

given my word and this

Word applies and will continue to do so

be valid. I have here a important

Task. ”Before the won

Had state elections force even

assures you that your oath of allegiance

also about the next but one federal election

2017 also existed

have. At the same time, however, is also the

Influence of the Vice President of the Federal SPD

in the party since her

Triumph in the state elections in

May 2012 still grown.

Poll: SPD continues to lose votes

Berlin (dpa). The SPD is located

because of the negative debates

about candidate for chancellor Peer Steinbrück

further in the survey descent.

In ar published yesterday

Atone for the Forsa survey

the Social Democrats two percentage points

one and fall with

23 percent on the value they are

achieved in the 2009 Bundestag election

had - their worst yet

Result. The Union with

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)

comes up with 43 percent an

new Forsa record.

The SPD rejected speculation

above an Candidate exchange

back. NRW Prime Minister

Hannelore force called in Düsseldorf

to prudence. "In the

At the moment the situation is not easy

but we are still many

many months from the next

Bundestag election removed. "

SPD parliamentary group leader Frank

Walter Steinmeier emphasized that

Steinbrück also contributes ar SPD

Slap on Sunday at the Lower Saxony

State election

Candidate stay. "Peer Steinbruck

is a candidate for chancellor

and after the Lower Saxony

Choice, ”he said. "We still have

eight months to get Merkel off

to lift the office ", emphasized the

Group chairmen.

Ka Participation

in compensation

Berlin (dpa). The federal government wants

not to claim damages

Costs due to lack of daycare

Participate places. “That is the job

of the municipalities, "said

Family Minister Kristina

Schröder (CDU) yesterday at the

Submission of the new family report

in Berlin. She pointed with it

Demands of the top organizations

of cities and

Parishes from the previous day,

also federal and state with successful

Complaints from parents

to take responsibility.

Dispute: treatment

of war victims

Berlin (dpa). 5250 patients

from Libya, mainly war wounded,

are since the fall

of the regime of dictatorship Muammar

al-Gaddafi in Germany

been treated or

it will be. But about that

Pay there is a tug of war

like out am report of the

Federal Ministry of Health

emerges. Several clinics

are on the bills

so far remained seated - also

because they have inflated bills

should have asked.

Annual Tax Act


Berlin (dpa). The Annual Tax Act

2013 is after a long time

The federal-state dispute failed.

Finance Minister Wolfgang

Schäuble (CDU) got involved

the specialist politicians from Union

and the FDP agreed

the projects this year

can no longer be implemented. In order to

is a Series of tax changes

like shorter deadlines

for storing receipts

first off the table.

Euthanasia ban

put on hold

Berlin (dpa). That of the

Federal government planned ban

of euthanasia against payment

according to the media

Ice. The Union faction wanted

internally re-advised, it said.

According to the draft is supposed to be punished

be who commercially am

others the opportunity

granted to suicide, procured

or mediated. The

Union faction had an alternatives

Draft submitted,

after which not only commercial,

but also in general

organized euthanasia under

Should be punished.

foreign countries

Sales ban

For Assault rifles

Washington (dpa). US President

Barak Obama wants in

USA in the fight against gun violence

the sale of

Assault rifles to private individuals

to forbid. Magazine from

Firearms should be used in the future

contain a maximum of ten shots.

In addition, in the future

all gun buyers prior to purchase

ar firearm thoroughly

to be checked. This

are the most important points as

comprehensive catalog of measures,

the Obama yesterday

presented at the White House.

Taliban attack

Secret service on

Kabul (dpa). At am Taliban attack

on the headquarters

of the Afghan secret service

NDS in Kabul are according to official

Information from all six relatives

of the suicide squad

was killed. Also

a security guard came to NDS-

Claims death. 30 civilians

had been injured, shared

the Ministry of the Interior with. Security guards

be it at the place

also succeeded a Further

Bomb in am delivery truck

to defuse, reported that

Ministry. So be a

prevented even greater bloodbath



Handover: The newly elected Prime Minister of yesterday

Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, is succeeded by her predecessor Kurt Beck

(both SPD) warmly congratulated on their election. Beck withdraws

after 18 years from office prematurely for health reasons


Image: dpa

Islamists kidnap foreigners

Assault on gas field

Algiers / London / Oslo (dpa). Presumed

Al Qaeda fighters have

yesterday in Mali's neighboring country

Algeria raided a gas field

and numerous foreigners in theirs

Brought violence. At least two

People were killed, at least

seven people injured.

Among the hostages are possibly

up to 13 employees of the

Norwegian Statoil Group,

but also according to media reports

British, Japanese, one Irish and one


France is currently fighting

the side of government forces

in Mali against the advance of Islamist

Rebels. The gas field,

which is also operated by BP

is located in the south-east of Algeria.

Dreyer's motto is

"More together"

Mainz (dpa). Malu Dreyer

shine. She is currently Germany

currently fourth Prime Minister

become and has in

Rhineland-Palatinate the staff of

Kurt Beck (SPD) taken over.

“It's a very moving moment

For me, ”says the 51-year-old

in her speech. First well-wisher

after the choice - with red rose -

is husband Klaus Jensen, Triers

Mayor. The MPs

clap for minutes.

The Bishop of Mainz Cardinal

Karl Lehmann sees a chance

in that now a Woman rules.

"She is a distinctive

Person and certainly brings next

their experiences a high

feminine empathy

with that is good for politics, ”says

he. That she has multiple sclerosis -

a Nervous system disease

- and sometimes in a wheelchair

sits, should ka Play role, finds

Dreyer and names the handicapped

Finance Minister Wolfgang

Schäuble (CDU) as a role model.

Go with Dreyer a Woman on

the start that is popular in the country

and always seems to smile. The

should not be misleading: she knows what

she wants. The Hessian Prime Minister

Volker Bouffier (CDU)

Dreyer said directly before her election,

it was none of the business of Hessen, what

Rhineland-Palatinate with the money

the state financial equalization

makes. Bouffier had criticized

that the richer Hessen is free

Pays for daycare places.

Like Beck, the woman from the Palatinate is good

approach people. She sets

profitable their kind.

Dreyer is on the subject

Nürburgring not as burdened as

he - even if she is always with me

Cabinet table sat. She has ka

political change of course before, wants

but aMaintain a different style than

her predecessor. More togetherness

is their motto, especially with

CDU country chief Julia Klöckner.

The relationship between Beck

and Klöckner was difficult in the end.

Dreyer wants to break that open.

“I want to invite you to come before

talk to each other, ”she says

new head of government. The CDU

may like it now

have heavier than before. Kloeckner

has less target than

in the political fight with Beck.

Dreyer faces some trouble

deal with. At the Nürburgring

she wants to talk to the renovators

Develop a concept for the future. The

Mammoth project cost 330 million

Euro. A problem child is

also Hahn Airport im

Hunsrück, the red numbers

writes. But Dreyer wouldn't be

herself when she's not smiling

and looks ahead. It takes time

for sure until she is in the new office

had arrived. But: “It's nice

it! ”Marc-Oliver von Riegen

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Current affairs

Thursday 17th January 2013

50th anniversary of the signing

Parliaments in Berlin and Paris work more closely together

President Francois Hollande