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1 | 5 The Burqa is a kind of throw with a close-meshed eye grid that completely covers the body. It is not traditionally Islamic clothing. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they forced women to wear the burqa in public. The regulation has since been lifted, but the controversial garb is still widespread in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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2 | 5 In the debate about the ban on full veils, the burqa and Niqab often confused. The niqab also covers the face, but a small viewing slit remains free. It is combined with a long robe.


3 | 5 The Chador, a floor-length, dark cape, is mainly worn in Iran. It covers the body and the head, but the face remains free.

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4 | 5 The Chimar is a long veil. It reaches to the waist and is worn in different colors.

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5 | 5 The Hijab is a headscarf that is worn very differently. Sometimes loosely and casually, sometimes tightly tied around the head. Many devout Muslim women consider it a religious duty to wear cloth. But there are different views on this. It is a matter of interpreting the corresponding suras in the Koran.

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